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Siddarth Sharma

Keyboard Warrior, Weekend Baller

Awards on Sportskeeda : Basketball Writer of the Year (2016), Most Valuable Writer (2010-2012)


I've been in love with basketball and the NBA since childhood. I started writing on Sportskeeda where I've written 800+ features including stories, interviews, analysis and much more as a Featured Columnist. I've gone on to write and create content for NBA India, UBA India and Decathlon Sports India. Having worked for a sports website, in a sports academy, sports league, sports broadcasting and sports retail has helped me understand different perspectives on the love for the game, which I hope to share here with everyone.

Articles by AuthoR
Ram Krishna's cycling journey with Decathlon Raipur

Here's an inspiring story of Ram Krishna, a passionate cyclist working at Decathlon Raipur. Read about how he got his start in cycling.

Siddarth Sharma
December 19, 2021
min read
How Nanda Majhi grew with Jungle Crows to bring Rugby to communities in Kolkata

Here's how a kid grew into a man whom kids look up to with joy.

Siddarth Sharma
November 5, 2021
min read
10 sporty gifting ideas for Durga Puja

So you want to gift a sport this festive season, but aren't sure which gift to get. Here are 10 sporting gift ideas to help you choose the right gift.

Siddarth Sharma
September 16, 2021
min read
Decathlon X NBA Collection- Choose Your Basketball Shoes

The greatest basketball league in the world has partnered with the largest sports retailer in the world. Decathlon has become an official licensee of the NBA. Here's a look at the shoes in store for you in our Decathlon stores and website with the NBA X Tarmak collection.

Siddarth Sharma
August 10, 2021
min read
5 Skills To Help You Become A Better Point Guard

Point guards need a host of skills, playmaking, shooting, dribbling, the list goes on. Along with those basic basketball skills and physical attributes, here are some other skills that will help you become a better point guard.

Siddarth Sharma
May 20, 2021
min read
10 Ways A Beginner Can Become A Better Basketball Player

Do you want to be an expert 3-point shooter as a Shooting Guard? Would you rather be a playmaking point Guard who acts as an extension of the coach on the floor? Or how about alow post Center who gobbles up rebounds and protects the paint on defence? Whatever position you may play in basketball, there are some common points one should pay attention to become a better basketball player. 

Siddarth Sharma
May 17, 2021
min read
For the Love of Basketball – Siddarth Sharma

Backyards tell stories of basketball hoops attached above garage doors. Of passing down the love for the game from fathers to sons.

Siddarth Sharma
April 4, 2021
min read
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