"What would be an ideal gift?" is a universal question. Gifting a Sport fits the bill with a low bill. When you choose to Gift a sport with Decathlon, you can select from over 70 sports and 5,000 products for the best value for the price. When you Gift a Sport, you are gifting something one can engage with actively to get fitter.

So you want to gift a sport this festive season, but aren't sure which gift to get. A great gift need not be expensive. More than the price, what also matters is how useful it is for the receiver. Can they use it in their fitness journey? Can it be something they can regularly play with? Can it serve a daily utility for them in some way? Here are 10 sporting gift ideas to help you choose the right gift, with something for everyone.

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Gifts to get fitter

One of the things that people look for before Durga Puja is ways to get fitter to better shine in our traditional attire. Here are some gifting options to get fit for the Pujas:

Resistance Tube with handles - 7.5 Kg

If you had to pick one workout equipment to carry with you, a resistance tube would be a good bet. The biggest advantage of this is its versatility, you can use it to perform a wide range of full-body workouts for strength and cardio training.

While dumbbells can help you better in building strength, a resistance tube allows you much more flexibility as it lets you control the resistance you work out with depending on how far you pull the tube. The more you pull, the higher the resistance. The free-hand nature of resistance tubes also lets you work on your joint movement.

Yoga Mat

A yoga mat is more than a covering layer between you and the floor. This 8 mm yoga mat is thick and cushy for maximum comfort for gentle yoga. It also comes with a strap for you to carry it easily. Having this cushioning makes performing yoga poses and transitions easier on your spine and joints.

A good yoga mat performs functions not just between the mat and your body. The grip provided by the mat plays a role between the mat and the floor, giving you the right grip and traction both ways - grip for you to position yourself well on the mat and to prevent the mat from sliding on the floor.

Balance board

Working on our balance and core can sometimes be neglected in favor of burning calories or building strength. But for us to be more resistant to injuries and perform better competitively in sports requiring running, a balance board can give you a leg up.

A balance board can help you with your Proprioception, that is the body's ability to sense its movement, action and location. The sharper these senses are, the quicker and better you can respond to outside stimuli, change directions, and perform movements.

While building your sense of balance, you can improve your core strength with complex movements as well. It can also help you strengthen your feet and work on rehab. For example, runners can use it to work on the range of motion for their feet, making it more resistant to ankle sprains. Performing movements of heel drops can help you rehab from and be protected against injuries to your Achilles tendon.

2019 Throwback to a balance board contest at Decathlon Salt Lake, Kolkata

I've personally used a combination of resistance tubes and balance boards for overcoming chronic ankle sprains from playing basketball and for rehabbing the Achilees from overtraining while running. Prevention is always better than cure, and if you know anyone who likes to run or play sports involving them being on their feet, they can reap a whole host of benefits from both.

Gifts to play

Table Tennis set

In a time where people play more on on phones or other screens, we need ways to play together indoor more than ever. Table Tennis is one such game that people of all ages can play, and thanks to the rollnet, you can now play Table Tennis on almost any table, making it a fun gift for Durga Puja.

You can unroll and clip the rollnet to any surface between 0.5 and 6 cm thick and 1.7 m wide, and it can be set up in under 10 seconds. This set has all that you need to start playing Table Tennis. In addition to a rollnet, it also comes with two bats and two balls.

Velcro Dartboard

This is a perfect gift for the whole family to play together with. The velcro balls are designed to be easy for kids to throw them, and the variety of scoring options on the board make it engaging for adults to have friendly contests with as well.

Basketball Hoop Wall Mounted Mini B deluxe

Here's an ideal Durga Puja gift for a basketball fan. Hoop heads can now get their shooting fix in their rooms with the Mini B Deluxe basketball hoop. This hoop is easy to mount on a door frame with its two hooks.

When you are shooting a basketball, you want an experience close to the one you get on a basketball court. This hoop comes with a transparent backboard and a steel hoop, making for a fun shooting experience. We recommend using a Size 1 basketball to play with this indoor hoop.

Gifts to burn calories

Rockrider ST100 cycle

To burn calories and get fitter, you need to be regular in your fitness regime of choice. Ease of regularity is one of the many reasons why cycling is one of the most effective ways to burn calories in a sustainable manner. We burn calories through cardio by keeping our heart-rate at or above the fat burning zone. Cycling being a low impact activity that is easy on the joints, allows you to keep your heart rate in the desired zone for sustained durations for results.

For those looking to lose weight or burn calories, cycling is an easier option compared to running as you aren't pounding the ground with each step. Your choice of cycle also affects your level of enjoyment and the effectiveness of your workout. Here's why the Rockrider ST100 is an ideal option for a beginner to ride to burn calories.

The best bike for you is the bike you will ride the most. The more comfortable a bike is, in terms of absorbing bumps, your posture, options for pedaling cadence depending on gears, the easier it is for you to ride it. The ST100 checks a lot of boxes in this regard. It is the least expensive Decathlon MTB in India to come with 27.5 inch wheels. Most MTBs come with 26 inch wheels. The taller wheels allow you to ride over bumps easier. This is why you see adventure motorcycles come with 21 inch wheels whereas most other motorcycles have 17 inch wheels.

The ST100 also has shock absorbers at the front and 3x7 gears with thumb shifters, allowing your workout to come more from pedaling than absorbing bumps on the road or twisting your wrist to change gears. This unisex cycle has a low frame, making it easier for girls to ride and mount/dismount from the front as well.

Skipping rope

There are a lot of athletes and fitness enthusiasts who like to start their day by skipping ropes. This gets your heart pumping and gets blood flowing through the body. This is a 3 meter rope with adjustable height for you to customize, and it does not come with bearings to make it easier for beginners. Our skipping rope is also Made in India.

Gifts for everyone

When choosing the perfect gift for Durga Puja, you want to know exactly what the recipient will want and enjoy. Sometimes, you aren't sure of anything specific to gift but want to give something that's universally useful. Here are some options for gifts that everyone can enjoy and benefit from.

NH100 15 liter backpack

A handy backpack is one of the most useful items in any household. A lot of backpacks are either too large or too flimsy to carry your essentials with you. The NH100 backpack is your ideal companion to carry your phone, wallet, tiffin, bottles, small towels and more. These backpacks come also come with a 10-year warranty.

Quechua bottle

One all-round gift that anyone can use at any time, the Quechua bottle comes with a quick screw lid that can open and close in just one turn. It's easy and convenient to carry and use with a large opening with a large groove.

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