Soumyadiptya Rakshit grew up in Burdwan, and is now helping make Decathlon sports products more easily available in Burdwan through B2B Partnerships, Digital (Decathlon App, and Decathlon Play events.

"When my father was stationed in Burdwan, I used to wait for him to come home at the beginning of the month, I would starve myself all day waiting, as he would bring Mihi Dana and Sitabhog. I used to spend my childhood in Burdwan as my mother is from Memari." - Soumyadiptya.

It's always special when you can come back to your childhood roots, and help add something of value with your work. We're always working to bring sports closer to you, here's what it means to Soumyadiptya to bring Decathlon closer to Burdwan.

Kicking it with Kipsta football in Burdwan

"Coming from a commerce background, I wasn't acquainted with retail, nor did I have any idea that a sports store can be so interesting. When I first visited Decathlon, I was amazed at the experience that people have and the area they can explore to enjoy sports. While I was being trained here, I saw people roaming here and there with cycles and skates, and checking out rackets and shoes, it looked like a dream for a sportsperson. I was watching and wishing that I would have had the opportunity in my childhood to explore this." - Soumyadiptya.

A lot of us who grew up in the 90s are used to playing sports and games with whatever we can get our hands on. We've used shoes as goalposts, twigs as wickets, and wood as a bat. As the world opened up, it's such a revelation to get to experience sports products that were developed with an aim to serve specific functions during play. It's hard not to smile when those who grew up seeing roller skates, experience inline skating for the first time.

"When someone asks you about your roots, the place where you belonged, you want to be able to say that you've contributed towards bringing something here. Now that I'm working with #DecathlonForOrganizations, I just got an opportunity to bring sports closer to my home in Burdwan. I'm working to bring Decathlon's online services including our B2B, online orders, sports activities and more." - Soumyadiptya.

Decathlon has numerous touch points online and offline. You can buy Decathlon products in Bardhaman online from the Decathlon website or app or as a Decathlon B2B partner. You can use the code MYPLAY189 at checkout for a special deal.

"I hope that I'm able to be a part of creating some memories for kids, where they get to make special moments with their friends and families through sports. Maybe down the line, more kids will look back and think of the days when they would wait all day to play some new sport with their friends or family too." - Soumyadiptya.

Decathlon B2B partnerships include partnerships with schools, colleges, sports clubs, corporates, government organizations and more. A B2B partner can avail of additional benefits like GST Invoice, *Free Delivery among other benefits. To become a partner, you can connect with us at

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If you're from Burdwan and are looking to experience Decathlon products, or partner with Decathlon, or explore sponsorship for a sports event, please feel free to also connect with us at We'd love to help you in your sporting journey.

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