Decathlon has an employability program through which youth from underserved communities get an opportunity to learn vocational skills that will serve them in their professional careers. Sunil is one bright example of a youth joined Decathlon through the program and matured into a young man in his journey.

“I was very young when I came to Don Bosco Ashalayam, Kolkata. My aunt helped take care of me as my father fell into a drinking habit. She realized that I would not be able to study in the conditions I was in, and she helped me come to Don Bosco Ashalayam at the age of five. Here, I learned about discipline and was first introduced to sports. I got to study till my Class 10, and do a diploma in Electronics, telecommunication hardware, and networking." - Sunil.

Sunil Mondal, cycling workshop technician, Decathlon Kolkata

"I was 19 years old when I started working, but I had a very low salary that made it difficult to live. A friend of mine referred me to Kolisen Hussan from Decathlon, who then introduced me to Christophe Plais. That's how I got a chance to interview for a job at Decathlon, and I joined Decathlon on 8th June, 2015."

"At first I worked in after-sales service in fitness, then I became a department manager, and am now a certified workshop technician. I learned so much about working with the help of Decathlon. I've worked in Delhi, Guwahati, Bhubaneswar and Kolkata. Every year, I want to be able to help someone grow."

Learning multiple skills

“At ASHA TICI, the kids can learn job/life skills & be trained in workshops for cycle servicing, t-shirt printing, racket stringing, and more. They have a lab that has been designed to be similar to a Decathlon store to help the kids practice more roles. We also do a lot of clean up days through the year where we go to schools/communities and show them how we can together work for a greener and cleaner tomorrow.”

"I was a kid just like them when I started learning to study job skills, and grow to work as a workshop technician with Decathlon. It is very fulfilling for me to come back to ASHA TICI to help teach the next generation to become skilled and self-sufficient."- Sunil Mondal.

"It's important to respect what mother nature gives us and to give back from a young age. Working with the youth from Laban Hrad Vidyapith For Boys | A. D. School, we helped share how we should all do our part to keep our surroundings clean, how to separate bio-degradable and non-bio-degradable waste, and grow to take joy in doing so together. It's very fulfilling to see their faces light up when they see their surroundings before and after."

Last year, I got to visit Decathlon France to coach the Don Bosco Ashayalaym team in a rugby tournament. Visiting BTWIN Village in Lille was a dream come true. We have such a large experience zone in the campus where we can try our products. We have so many people coming and having a great time cycling, skating and playing together there.

Sunil Mondal along with team at Decathlon France

Sunil is one of our most experienced cycling workshop technicians. "Regular cycle maintenance gives you a much smoother riding experience."- Sunil. When you buy a cycle from Decathlon, you also get one free service within the first six months of purchase.

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