Our Decathlon teammate Antara Biswas is as passionate a swimmer as any. Here's what inspires her, how she started swimming, and her recent competitive experience after joining Decathlon Salt Lake, Kolkata.

"My father was selected for a swimming state meet, but he was unable to compete. He had a dream that his kid would one day get a chance to excel in swimming. I started swimming when I was just over 3 years of age, and have gone on to win medals at SGFI (School Games Federation of India), district, state, and national level. I also got to set a few records along the way while competing in 17 National Championships in India. I wanted to keep learning so I pursued courses from NIS and the Swimming Federation of India." - Antara Biswas.

"Swimming makes me feel relaxed and it has taught me a lot about life. I just feel happy when I am in the water, either recreationally or competing. I was working as a coach in a school when I got an opportunity to join Decathlon Salt Lake in Kolkata. I really enjoy working at Decathlon and helping people find the right products for them to swim. When I started swimming, we didn't have much guidance or access to accessories, now I get to share this with so many passionate swimmers."

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Antara is a swimming Omni Sport Leader at Decathlon Salt Lake, Kolkata

Rediscovering her passion for swimming

“At Decathlon, we look for ways to help make sports more accessible and available with the local community. I go to a local swimming club, Salkia Swimming Club, Kolkata to help engage them in activities and to share knowledge about our Nabaiji swimming costumes and accessories. While at the club, I got to know that the competitions are starting. I discussed it with my parents and decided to enrol myself in the club.”

“I spoke to my store leader Akhil and coach at Decathlon Salt Lake, that I want to compete and train to win and understand more about the swimming community here. They supported my decision and helped me so that I could do my training daily. I used to come in the morning shift, from 9 AM to 5 PM, and then take a bus, an auto and a train from Bidhannagar Railway Station to Bally Halt Railway Station to travel to the swimming club, which was about two hours away. I did this everyday for almost a month to get ready for the competition.”

“I first competed at the district level. It was a bit challenging for me as it was with snorkel and fins. Although I know how to use them, I had never competed using them. At first, I was just inhaling water continuously. But I got used to it and finished first in all of the events. From that district level competition, I was selected for the state championship.”

“I knew there would be a lot of expectations from me, I did feel that pressure. I learned on the same day how to dive with a snorkel by practicing in the warm up for about an hour. I won three golds and one silver in the state championships. We had clubs from all over West Bengal come to participate.”

Antara Biswas's medals and prizes
Some of Antara's swimming medals and prizes won over the years

“I was a renowned swimmer earlier. I was not known for what I’m doing now. My performance in the district competition earned me a selection to compete in the national level competition with around 1,200 participants coming from all across India to compete. It was in Pune, held over four days.”

“On the first day, I was a bit nervous. My whole body felt locked. I came second in the first competition and felt a bit demotivated. The next day, I started working on building myself up and told myself that it’s ok what happened yesterday. I won two gold medals, in 50 meters and 100 meters competition. I was happy as I was always expecting to win whenever I participate. My motive was to win, as there were a lot of things connected with me. I was the champion in my women’s VO category. This year also, I have the same motivation to excel. I want to participate in two competitions this year and win in the National Fins Swimming Competition.”

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