Relax, recover, anytime, anywhere with the MH500 Vibrating Electronic Massage Tool. This is a part of Decathlon’s preparation and recovery collection of fitness accessories. At the time of writing, the MH500 Massage Tool has a 4.3 rating out of 5 from 5,300 reviewers, and is our Product of the Month for February 2024.

There are many benefits of using a massage tool, especially for training and recovery. It’s useful for athletes and for those looking to pursue a fit and healthy lifestyle. For me personally, these are three benefits I’ve observed from using Decathlon’s MH500 Vibrating Electronic Massage Tool.

3 benefits of MH500 Vibrating Electronic Massage Tool

1) Portable and USB chargable- recover anytime, anywhere

When it comes to any product, there’s one rule I like to follow. It’s something that came from choice of a bicycle and motorcycle. Ultimately, leaving aside all the specifications and bells and whistles, the primary factor guiding your choice of which two wheeler to buy should be - ‘Buy the bike which you will ride the most.’

If you have to think about where to park or store your bike, or frequent fuelling, or high maintenance, or where you can ride it, those are questions that will reduce the amount of time you’ll get to ride your bike.

The same could hold true for many products. If you have to think about how to carry your massage tool, how to pack it, how to charge it, how to maintain it, where you can take with you to use it, you’ll reduce the amount of time you can get to use it.

The MH500 Vibrating Electronic Massage Tool can be charged via USB

Decathlon’s MH500 Vibrating Electronic Massage Tool can be charged via USB, can fit in the palm of your hand, (albeit not with the power of sun as a certain Doctor nemesis of a arachnid likes to say), does not require maintenance beyond cleaning and proper use, and is an easy option to get a quick self-massage for you.

2) Help manage DOMS and speed up post workout recovery

DOMS or Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness is a feeling of discomfort or muscle pain that generally occurs within 3 days of performing a new physical activity or ramping up the intensity of one.

The MH500 Vibrating Electronic Massage Tool can help reduce the lactic acid buildup in sore muscles.

One physical trainer told me that if we have a gap of three weeks between working out a muscle group, we can end up having to deal with DOMS, and it can chip away at the work we have done in regularly building up that muscle.

There are times when due to work or travel or being unwell can cause us to miss our workout sessions. In times like these, we don’t have to feel discouraged or fear DOMS when you know you have a recovery tool handy.

3) Multipurpose - warmup, cooldown, managing DOMS, manage muscle tightness

When we introduce a physical stimulus in the form of a massage tool or any other, it creates a reflex response from the muscle that helps with blood circulation, releasing lactic acid, and help alleviate muscle tightness. When I'm running or practicing cross-training, it helps to be able to speed up the recovery with the massage tool and deal with any aches that may come up.

You can use the MH500 Vibrating Electronic Massage Tool to warmup before your workouts, cooldown after a workout, manage delayed onset muscle soreness and muscle tightness.

It’s important to note that we use any physical recovery tool in a way to avoid overuse, and start with low intensive use for smaller durations. We should assess the way our body responds to the use of it, and consult a physiotherapist if needed.

You can buy Decathlon's MH500 Vibrating Electronic Massage Tool from Decathlon’s stores in Salt Lake, Shakespeare Sarani, Newtown, Garia or Park Street Connect; or buy online from Decathlon’s app/website.

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