If you’re looking to buy a cycle for under Rs 10,000 in Kolkata, here are five options you can consider from Decathlon. Some of the additional benefits of buying a cycle from Decathlon include a lifetime warranty on the frame, fork and handlebars; 2-year warranty on the non-wearing parts, and one free service in the first 6 months of purchase. Decathlon currently has four stores in Kolkata, with a fifth one on the way in Garia.

Decathlon works on the components locally and works on a cost-benefit design principle, keeping the prices low. Here are 5 cycles under Rs 10,000 you can buy in Kolkata from Decathlon

1) My Bike- Rs 5,999

The My Bike is back!

Decathlon's iconic My Bike is back! For most of us, this is an emotion more than a bike as the first bike we bought and there were no limits to where we would ride it.

If you're looking for a cycle for easy commute or daily rides, you can make the My Bike yours from Decathlon's stores in Kolkata.

2) Rockrider ST-10 cycle- Rs 5,999

The Rockrider ST-10 is also value for money proposition suitable for city rides and capable of riding on broken roads. It has a durable frame and like the My Bike it can be fitted with a bottle cage, mudguard, seat cover, stand and a bell.

This is a single speed bike that comes with V-brakes, a stainless steel frame and has a rust proof aluminium rim.

3) Rockrider ST-20 High Frame cycle - Rs 7,999

Rockrider ST-20 High Frame

The Rockrider ST-20 cycle comes in two variants, high frame and low frame. This bike has a steel frame with a diamond frame design for rigidity. The ST-20 High Frame is a robust machine that is a bit more versatile than the above options.

It comes with a quick release mechanism in the front wheel, and a quick release seat clamp. For me, the quick release has really come in handy in case I need to abandon a ride and take a cab back. I can then use the quick release to keep the front wheel in the boot of the car and the bike in the back seat of the car with me.

4) Rockrider ST-20 Low Frame cycle- Rs 7,999

Rockrider ST-20 Low Frame

The low frame variant of the Rockrider ST-20 makes it easier to get on and get off of. It's also easier to stand on if you come to a stop, as you can get off the seat and stand over the lower frame.

5) Rockrider ST 30 cycle- Rs 9,999

Rockrider ST-30

The Rockrider ST-30 is the starting range of a geared cycle from Decathlon. It's a 7-speed bike with grip-shifter and is an accessible option for leisure riding in urban conditions and on off-road trails.

You can buy these cycles from Decathlon's stores in Kolkata (Decathlon Salt Lake, Decathlon Shakespeare Sarani, Decathlon Newtown), or online from the Decathlon website/app.

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