Here’s how Sweta Chatterjee combines her love for dancing, entrepreneurship and creativity while working in the Fitness department in Decathlon Salt Lake, Kolkata.

“I grew up in a traditional Bengali household. We were encouraged to participate in extra-curricular activities. My mom always wanted me to try my hand at dancing. I also took up swimming while growing up.” - Sweta Chatterjee, Omni Sport Leader, Decathlon Salt Lake, Kolkata.

“I was just 3 years of age when I first started dancing. I started by learning Odissi when my parents enrolled me in a class. I really love dancing. Dancing gives me feel a sense of freedom. Freedom to express myself. It feels like there is nothing holding you back when you are dancing. When I first started participating in competitive dancing, it was in inter-class competitions. While I went on to complete certifications in Odissi, I did not pursue it much further at that time.”

“During the pandemic, everyone was looking for ways to get fit at home. At that time, I started exploring and creating content about Western Dance forms. From there, I started exploring that side of dance. I used to choreograph my moves and post reels on Instagram. My interest in dance led to an interest in fitness.”

“I got an opportunity to join Decathlon Salt Lake as an Omni Sport Leader in the fitness cluster. This was the first time in my life that I saw dance as also a sport discipline. After joining Decathlon, I started exploring other fitness disciplines like cardio, cross-training, yoga, and more.”

“Earlier, I did not have any idea at all about what is Pilates, what is Cardio, what are the types of products we have for different fitness disciplines. I used to think that, fitness only involve losing weight or putting on muscle. But there is so much more there is to it. You can also do stretching, mobility training, strength work, train to alleviate pain, rehab from injuries, the list goes on. Now that I’ve worked closely in the fitness cluster in Decathlon, I can do multiple exercises to get fit.”

Sweta practicing with a resistance band at Decathlon Salt Lake

“Once, a customer needed a pair of shorts that were not in stock in Kolkata. I checked that we had one in stock in Guwahati, and connected with the Guwahati team to help ensure that the delivery was done quickly in Kolkata. The next day, the customer asked to see my manager, and said that this was one of the best experiences he has had in any Decathlon store. It’s such a good feeling when I can help someone practice their sport by helping them find the right product.”

“I feel like I can be an entrepreneur for my sport in Decathlon. I used to craft handmade products from quick dry clay, things like jewellery, broaches, and more. I was collaborating with brands, and I’ve always enjoyed the feeling of applying creativity in my work.”

"I love working in Decathlon. It has given me a freedom to connect with different sports. To find ways to express my creativity with a business sense. Being an Omni Sport Leader, we get to plan and execute a business strategy for our respective sports, giving one a lot of scope for applying ourselves.”

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