I feel that badminton is one of the most accessible and fun games. A non contact sport that can be as leisurely or as intensive as you like, depending on your competition. It’s something we grew up playing with our relatives and friends.

I used to play near the main road of my home, and I remember having to tie and untie the net every time a vehicle would have to pass through. One of the advantages of Decathlon’s portable nets is that they are easy to set up and disassemble, without the need to tie them to any external structure.

Here’s a look at five badminton nets from Decathlon that you can buy to play anywhere.

1) Outdoor Badminton Easy Net Discover Yellow - Rs 1,199

Easynet Discover

The Outdoor Badminton Easy Net Discover can easily be set up within 60 seconds. It has a height of 1.5 meters and has two hoops that are connected by a cord. That makes it easy to assemble and disassemble it.

This net comes with a sling bag that makes it easy to carry. You can also store rackets and shuttlecock in this sling bag.

2) EASY NET 3M Lavender Fog - Rs 2,999

Easy Net 3M

This Easy Net measures 3 meters in length and comes in a lavender fog colour scheme. It comes in a storage box that makes it light and easy to carry. This net has four contact points in addition to a stability bar to help keep it stable wherever you play.

For assembling and disassembling, this net comes with telescopic tubes that make it easy to put together and take apart.

3) Badminton Tennis Speednet 500 - Rs 4,999

Badminton Tennis Speednet 500

The Badminton Tennis Speednet 500 is also easy and simple to install. The central bar adds extra stability to this net. You can install it in less than five minutes.

This net is also sold in an easy to carry bag. This net is 1.55 meters tall at its maximum height, but you can adjust it as per your choice. It is 5 meters wide.

4) Outdoor Badminton Easy Net 5 M - Rs 4,999

Easy net 5M

The Outdoor Badminton Easy Net measures 5 meters in length and can be easily packed into its base for you to carry it anywhere.

This net comes with a central base and the net is held together by posts to help with a quick setup. The base has four sturdy feet to help hold the net steadily.

5) Badminton Net & Post With Official Dimension 6.10 M - Rs 5,499

Badminton net and post

This Badminton net and post comes with the official dimensions of 6.10 meters length and 1.55 meters height. It can easily be set up in under five minutes. It has three contact points on each side to help ensure that the net remains stable.

This also comes with a carry case. Including the legs of this net, the total length measures 6.7 meters.

You can buy these nets from Decathlon’s stores in Kolkata at Salt Lake, Shakespeare Sarani, Newtown, Garia or online from Decathlon’s website/app or Decathlon Park Street Connect.

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