Kolkata welcomed the rain clouds with joy after a long and scorching dry spell. Decathlon has you covered with rain coats and rain gear to keep you dry.

When it rains, it pours. But the downpour doesn’t have to leave you drenched. Here’s how you can Play in the Rain in Kolkata with a variety of rain coats and rain gear from Decathlon to keep you dry.

1) Waterproof ½ Zip Rain Jacket 

If you’re looking to buy a raincoat in Kolkata to stay protected from unexpected showers, this raincoat is a part of Decathlon’s Lowest Price, Best Value collection. 

One of the reasons I carry this with me in my backpack is that this is a very lightweight and compact raincoat. This raincoat folds up in its own pocket and can be carried in yours. Being a half-zip model helps it be more compact. It also comes with an adjustable hood.

You can buy this rain jacket in five different colors - blue, black, olive, grey and light grey. Our Decathlon teammate Yassel from Decathlon Shakespeare Sarani is wearing this raincoat in the picture above.

You can buy this raincoat online from this link and also reserve and collect it from Decathlon Kolkata's stores in Salt Lake, Shakespeare Sarani, Newtown or Park Street.

2) Fishing poncho

buy rain poncho in kolkata from decathlon
A fishing poncho can quickly be slipped on to protect you from rains

One of the advantages of a poncho over a raincoat is that it goes beyond your knees. It is an ideal rain accessory to protect you in case of sudden rains. This compact poncho also folds up into its own pocket. Being a hooded poncho, you’re covered from your head to your knees. 

You can buy this poncho here.

3) RC100 Cycling Raincoat

buy cycling rain jacket in kolkata from decathlon
Our teammate Vikram with the RC100 Cycling raincoat near Decathlon Salt Lake

When you are out cycling in the rain or you happen to be caught in a sudden downpour, you can protect yourself with the RC100 Cycling Raincoat (unisex). This is meant for cycling in a light drizzle or wind, and is not recommended for heavy rains or for use on motorcycles. As this is meant to be used while cycling, it is also lightweight and breathable.

How do we measure the breathability of a raincoat? We follow the ISO 11092 standard to measure the RET (Thermal Evaporative Resistance). According to this, The lower its resistance, the more it lets water vapour produced by the body escape, therefore the more breathable it is. This raincoat has a RET rating >=7.95. Here are some RET measurements for context-

RET <6: these are extremely breathable, suitable for the most intense workouts.

RET 6 to 12: these are breathable, designed for moderate exercise.

RET 12 to 20: these are moderately breathable, not enough for exercise.

RET >20: these have little breathability, and are unsuitable for exercise.

The RC100 cycling raincoat also has a large pocket on the back with a flap to help keep your belongings dry. This waterproof rain jacket comes in two colors - neon yellow and indigo blue. It’s an eco designed product made with 79% recycled polyester.

You can buy this cycling raincoat here.

4) Full Zip Raincoat

If you need more protection than from the half zip rain jacket, you can opt for the NH100 full zip raincoat. This is also a compact and lightweight jacket that folds up into its own pocket. It comes with elastic cords you can tighten at the hood and waist and is available in three different colors.

Being moderately breathable, this jacket has a RET rating of 12. You can pair this raincoat with the next rain gear to have a set.

You can buy this raincoat online from this link and also reserve and collect it from Decathlon Kolkata's stores in Salt Lake, Shakespeare Sarani, Newtown or Park Street.

5) Waterproof rain pants - Quechua Hiking Over trousers

buy rain pants overtrousers in kolkata from decathlon
These over trousers have zips at the bottom for you to slip them on without removing your shoes

The NH500 Quechua Hiking over trousers can help keep your lower body dry during rains. You can carry it easily as it folds into its own pocket and is lightweight and compact.

You don’t need to remove your shoes to wear these over trousers as it comes with zips at the bottom of each leg to make it easier to put on while wearing shoes.

When it rains in Kolkata, sometimes the weather still remains warm. In this case, it can really help to have rainwear that is also breathable. These  rain pants comes with a hydrophilic coating that helps repel rain water so that it slides over the surface without seeping in. This helps keep the fabric light and breathable as it doesn’t soak up water.

The NH500 over trousers come in two colors for men and women, and you can buy these waterproof rain pants in Kolkata from any of the Decathlon stores or online from the Decathlon online shopping app.

6) Waterproof Bag cover (20-40 liter)

Buy backpack rain cover in Kolkata from Decathlon

We’ve got you protected from the Kolkata rains thus far, now let’s look at protecting your backpack from the downpours. Some bags are waterproof, some are water resistant. For those that are neither, you can use these bag covers to keep your bags dry in the rains.

One additional benefit of this rain cover for backpacks is that it can also help in making you more visible. It comes in three colors - orange, lime and blue. 

During the rains, some rain covers might slide off of a backpack. To prevent that, this rain cover comes with hooks that you can loop around the straps of your backpack. 

If you need a bigger or smaller bag cover, you can look at the 40/60L rain cover or the 10/20L rain cover. All of these backpack rain covers come with a small pouch for you to store the covers in.

You can buy this waterproof backpack cover here.

7) Aqua shoes

buy aqua shoes in kolkata from decathlon salt lake

I’m wearing these quick dry aqua shoes as I write this from Decathlon Salt Lake, Kolkata. Aqua shoes are meant for walking on beaches, and are designed to be quick drying. It has components that promote water drainage and a 100% mesh elastic strap that allows you to put it on easily. 

It’s important to let your feet have a confident connection with the ground surface, especially during the rains. These aqua shoes come with 4mm studded soles that help prevent slipping, and can be used on uneven surfaces like pebbles, sand, stones or rocks.

8) Water repellent walking shoe

The NewFeel HW100 walking shoes are designed to keep your feet from getting wet during mild rains. Being designed for walking, these come with Flex H grooves to make the sole more flexible. 

Its synthetic fabric resists light rain and delays the effect of wear and tear over time. You can buy this water repellent walking shoe here.

9) Profilter Umbrella (medium)

I used to carry a large umbrella when I worked in a golf academy in Kolkata. You don’t want to be stranded out in the greens with little cover to duck under. It makes for a long and drenched walk back. 

This Golf ProFilter Umbrella is mid-sized with a 123 cm diameter when opened. In addition to rain protection, you can use this umbrella to protect yourself from the Sun’s UV rays as this has a UPF 50+ rating.

buy umbrella in kolkata from decathlon salt lake
Tannistha unfurling the Profilter Umbrella at Decathlon Salt Lake

You can buy this umbrella in four different colors - red, black, khaki and blue.

10) Waterproof mobile Pouch

I’ve used this pouch while cycling by carrying it in my cycling jersey pocket. This waterproof mobile pouch has been designed to safely store your mobile phone or small personal items like keys, cash or cards. It can fit a maximum smartphone size of 16x8 cm.

The surface of this waterproof mobile pouch allows you to use the mobile touchscreen while it is in the pouch. You can explore this product here.

If you're looking to buy rain coats or rain gear in Kolkata you can visit any of the Decathlon stores in Kolkata at Salt Lake, Shakespeare Sarani, New Town or Park Street Connect to explore the rain collection in person. You can also order online and opt for home delivery or reserve and collect your order from your nearest Decathlon Kolkata stores.

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