A wave of running has swept through Kolkata over the last decade, with more people taking up running, more runs being organized, more communities of runners coming together. 

Running is one of the simplest sports to practice, all you need is a pair of running shoes and a place to run. Runners jog in their paras, inside their residential societies, in parks, on treadmills, and many other places. This is a list of 4 of the many places to run in Kolkata. 

1. Subhash Sarovar

Enjoy the morning breeze flowing from the sarovar as you jog along on shaded paths. Subhash Sarovar is circled by a path along the lake, and another road running through the park. Located along EM Bypass, on the side opposite to Salt Lake Stadium, Subhash Sarovar has multiple entry points along its perimeter with vehicle parking alongside it.

A run from the route on the map below is about 1 KM each way. There are smooth paved roads running parallel to smaller paths, shaded by trees throughout. There’s also an open gym here accessible to the walkers.

Our teammate Sabrina from Decathlon Salt Lake store running in Subhash Sarovar.

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Here’s a look at one of the routes you can run in Subhas Sarovar.

2. Eco park

One of the most peaceful spots to run in Kolkata, the road behind Eco Park is a favorite route for morning walkers and joggers. You’ll also find fitness enthusiasts practicing Yoga and various fitness sessions, cyclists passing through, groups of walkers out to greet the sunrise and more.

For the entrances, there are two main ways you can see runners and walkers enter. One is towards Eco Park Golf Arena, the other is ahead of the car parking area. Running alongside the length of the lake covers about 1.2 km one way. 

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3. Stadel, Salt Lake Stadium

This is a loop around the outside perimeter of Salt Lake stadium, shaded with trees. You can take rounds along the road outside the Salt Lake Stadium, sheltered by trees. Following your run, you can also sit for breakfast at the Stadel Restaurant.

People of all ages can be seen participating in yoga/stretching/fitness activities in a clearing at the halfway mark of the looping road. The stairs entering into the stadium also serve as a tool for Stair work by more serious fitness enthusiasts.

Here’s a look at a loop of Stadel run-

One loop is close to 1.2 km, the distance can be extended if you opt for stair work along the way or go towards bypass halfway through. Entry is chargeable at Rs 10 per head and tickets can be purchased from the ticket counter near gate number 4. 

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4. Maidan

If you’re looking for places to run in Kolkata, there are few better places than Maidan, ‘Lungs of Kolkata. The entire maidan measures about 1,000 acres and you have a choice to either run in the fields in maidan or run on the road or footpath that lines the road.

A lot of marathons and runs in Kolkata start from the red road in maidan. As this isn’t an enclosed space, you can enter from anywhere.

Sebastian from Decathlon Shakespeare Sarani 

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For all the places to run in Kolkata mentioned above, the entry or part of the route might be restricted on certain days. Let's follow all precautions for a safe lifestyle on our fitness journeys.

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Our running teammate Debopriya from Decathlon Salt Lake store in Kolkata with a pair of Kalenji Running shoes.

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