Raghunathan Thilakar has been trekking from a young age. He’s now working as a Mountain Sports Omni Sport Leader in Decathlon Salt Lake. Here’s how he got bit by the travel bug, how he joined Decathlon, what he loves about working in Decathlon, and more.

"I've been trekking since I was in school. As a kid, watching Discovery Channel India and National Geographic Channel inspired me to travel. After my education, I joined a marketing agency. But having been so active my school days, I could not stick to a desk job. After working for 4 years, I quit my job as a Digital Marketing Executive and traveled for two years as I freelanced along the way, helping organizations for treks and hikes. I intended to take a break for a few months but it ended up being a 2 year period where I traveled and learned a lot."

Raghu joined Decathlon in Tamil Nadu in 2018, and moved to West Bengal in 2021. His Decathlon journey started from a collaboration for a trip. “A friend of mine introduced me to Decathlon, I approached Decathlon Chennai to collaborate on a trip and got an opportunity to work with the company. I joined Decathlon in March 2018 and it has been an amazing journey since. What I enjoy the most in Decathlon is helping customers prepare for their travels. When someone comes up and asks for advice about how to prepare for a journey and I help them, I feel like I'm getting an opportunity to share their joy of travel."

Raghu on one of his adventures

"I also love to see new products that we launch in Decathlon. I'm a certified Product Trainer here and I get to learn a lot about how we can make treks and hikes more enjoyable."

There are many skills involved in trekking and camping. But the process is much deeper than surface level. “Pitching a tent sounds very simple, you go and pitch a tent. But it is as technical as any other activity. It's a very basic skill that you should learn when you are traveling, especially out in the wild. Where you pitch a tent, how you pitch a tent, it all matters. Tents being very technical equipment need proper care. Having joined Decathlon Salt Lake in 2021, I'm eager to help travellers explore the great outdoors. Come join me to learn more!" - Raghu.

You can join the Kolkata Trekkers community here- link.

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