The history of the FIFA World Cup is replete with illustrious figures, groups, and competitions. The tournament, which is played every four years, has produced a true who's who of football's greatest players and goal scorers. In 2018, Luka Modric earned the golden ball, Harry Kane the golden boot, and France took home the Cup. The FIFA world cup winners list from 1930 to 2018 is shown below.


The FIFA World Cup is widely recognized as the largest and most well-known international competition. It is also the sporting event that is watched and followed the most around the globe. One round of the competition is held every four years. With the exception of 1942 and 1946, when it was postponed owing to World War II, the tournament has been held every four years since it began in 1930.

About 190 to 200 national teams compete fiercely to represent their countries on the largest football platform in the globe. In the end, only 32 teams qualified for the competition. Just a few months remain until the 2022 Qatar World Cup, and soccer supporters are eager to cheer on their nations and favorite players on the grandest platform.

Even being selected to represent your nation at the FIFA World Cup is a significant accomplishment, never mind winning it. France won the 2018 World Cup, making them the current champions. The FIFA world cup winners list from 1930 to 2018 is listed below.

2022 FIFA World Cup Winner Predictions

Brazil has won the World Cup five times, and even if they haven't enjoyed it since 2002, they still have the depth of talent, including Neymar, Vinicius Junior, and Alisson, to make them the favorites in FIFA world cup 2022 winner list in Qatar.

With a star-studded lineup that features Kylian Mbappe and Paul Pogba, the defending champions France are another team that is expected to launch a serious fight for the grand prize. The team led by Didier Deschamps is available at England, made it to the semi-finals in 2018, then advanced to the home final at Euro 2020.

Additionally, the Three Lions will end a 56-year drought for international triumph in the FIFA world cup 2022 winner list.

The 2010 champions Spain, who have a dynamic young team at their disposal, and Argentina, who are expecting to see Lionel Messi win the one big trophy that has thus far escaped him in a great career, are just behind them.

FIFA World Cup Winner And Runners-Up List In Order

In this section, we have highlighted the FIFA world cup winners list in order of the year. This FIFA world cup winners and runners list shall give you an insight into the legacy and help you choose your favorite team.

Most Time FIFA World Cup Winner

Twenty-one championship matches, with 79 national teams, have been played as of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Eight national teams have claimed the prize as their own. Brazil is the most time FIFA world cup winner and the only team to have competed in every event. It has won five times. Germany and Italy are the other World Cup champions, each with four titles; Argentina, France, and Uruguay, first-place finishers, each with two titles; and England and Spain, each with one title.

Top 10 FIFA World Cup Winner Team, Times & Year

  • Brazil - 5 Times Winner / 6 Times in the Final
  • Germany - 4 Times Winner/ 8 Times in the Final
  • Italy - 4 Times Winner/ 6 Times in the Final
  • Argentina - 2 Times Winner/ 5 Times in the Final
  • Uruguay - 2 Times Winner / 2 Times in the Final
  • France - 1 Time Winner / 2 Times in the Final
  • Spain - 1 Time Winner / 1 Time in the Final
  • England - 1 Time Winner/ 1 Time in the Final
  • Netherlands - 0 Time Winner / 3 Time in the Final
  • Czechoslovakia - 0 Time Winner/ 2 Time in the Final
  • Hungary - 0 Time Winner / 2 Time in the Final
  • Sweden - 0 Time Winner / 1 Time in the Final


The 2022 World Cup will be held in Qatar, and the 2026 World Cup will be co-hosted by Canada, the United States, and Mexico, making Mexico the first nation to host matches in three World Cups. We hope this FIFA world cup winners list was useful to our audience. Watch this space for further information.

FIFA Winners List: Frequently Asked Questions

How many teams have won the FIFA World Cup?

9 teams have won FIFA World Cup till now since 1930 to 2018.

Which country plays FIFA the most?

Top Countries Playing FIFA 

  • United States – 24.74%
  • Germany – 5.36%
  • United Kingdom – 5.27%
  • Russia – 4.32%
  • Brazil – 4.04%

Has any player won 4 FIFA World Cup Medals?

Germany and Italy have won the FIFA World Cup four times each.

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