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For any footballer, it is essential to pay particular attention to a part of his body ... feet. Like a great man once said, football is played with your brain; the feet are just your tools. Nonetheless, the tools are very important as they do the talking on every field and in every match.

1. A Shoe Adapted to the Practice Area   

In The First Place, It Is Essential to Play With A Pair of Football Shoes Adapted to The Terrain on Which You Evolve.

It should be known that there are different types of soles, HG, more commonly known as trainers, for short synthetic terrains and FG, which you may know as studs, for natural dry grass or synthetic long

The ideal for a footballer is to own a pair of each. The advantage for the player will be to have a good grip regardless of the type of terrain and so to focus on its performance. In addition to this aspect that will interest all competitors, the risk of injury will also be reduced. I do not count the number of footsteps that I saw getting injured adductor or ankle for example, because of a shoe that did not offer all the guarantees of comfort and safety on the ground on which we played.

In conclusion, having several pairs of football boots with HG, FG or futsal soles will prove to be a real advantage.

2. A Shoe Adapted to Your Style of Play And Your Morphology  

The second criterion to take into account when buying your football shoe is the style of play. Indeed, some models are designed to provide a very comfortable, others to enjoy a unique touch of the ball and/or optimal support. It is therefore essential to know the benefits you are looking for before you start. If you stop at the aesthetics or you just search the model of your favourite player, you may have some surprises! It is possible that these crampons suit you but the possibility that this is not the case remains high ...

Your morphology is also a criterion to take into account. The footballers with wide feet will agree with me, a shoe too tight for example, it is not ideal to give the best of oneself.

3. A Sock That Can Breathe...  

So that your feet benefit from an optimal comfort, you will have to pay particular attention to the choice of your socks. I know that for games, you have to wear the equipment of your club, but for training or parties with friends think to favour resistant models, with ventilation zones and an elastic band in the middle of the foot for more support. It will also be necessary to check that your socks are not too thin, which will limit the risk of blisters or blisters due to friction inside the shoe.

4. Few Tips ;)

  • At the beginning of the season, it is best to wear your new pair of boots intermittently. To give you an idea, on a session of 1:30 for example, the ideal is to start training with your football shoes from the previous season for 1h15 and finish the session for a quarter of an hour with the news. As the sessions progress, you will be able to increase the time spent with your new pair by 5 minutes more per workout, until you feel comfortable enough to wear them on a full session without pain.
  • In non-ballistic sessions where cardio has a prominent place, use running shoes rather than crampons. Just remember that it is better to use a good running shoe for the work of the beginning of the season.
  • I also advise you to apply talcum and/or Vaseline on the back of your shoe at the heel to avoid friction and therefore limit the risk of blisters. You can also use wet newspaper that you insert into your shoe and let it work all night long. Repeat the operation for about a week, this will help the shoe to "get done" and therefore give you better comfort.
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