Many people have increasingly played football after cricket, and its craze is never-ending. But, are you a football enthusiast and love playing it with your friends or even participating in competitions? And are you looking out for footballs to buy them and don't know where to buy them from? Don't worry; you have landed on the right page. Decathlon is the best sports equipment brand, providing the best footballs to buy in India at affordable prices. Soccer is the pride of any nation. Decathlon, the leading sports and outdoor retailer in India brings you the best footballs that are 50% cheaper than the most expensive football in the market. 

List Of Top 10 Best Footballs In India – 2022

How Did We Choose The Best Footballs In India?

To choose the best football, look out for the following:

1. Casual Football

You will need a comfortable, lightweight ball that is easier to kick with bare feet if you wish to play on grass and sand. Additionally, if you want to play on grass, you will need a ball that keeps its shape and bounces well as you play, and if you play on any other surface, you will need an extremely durable rubber ball.


We advise selecting a tough ball with a butyl bladder when buying an 11-a-side football (football academies) to ensure the ball keeps its shape and has a good rebound. Additionally, the ball panels could have various stitching (hand-stitching, machine stitching, thermobinding), which also aids in the ball's resistance and ability to maintain its round shape.

To ensure top quality, all KIPSTA 11-a-side balls undergo a 7-stage protocol approval test (Weight, sphericity, circumference, pressure loss, water absorption, consistent rebound).

3. Futsal 5 A-Side

A size four ball that is heavier and has a lesser rebound is suggested for playing futsal. We advise you to get a ball with a semi-controlled bounce if you plan to play 5-a-side on artificial grass because it will have a controlled bounce.

List Of Top 10 Best Footballs In India – 2022


1. Football Ball Training Size 5 (above 12 years) F100- Yellow

For young footballers who beg to play occasionally, the football training size 5 was created. It's incredibly robust and ideal for you to attempt at first.

Price: ₹299

2. Football Ball Match Size 5 FIFA Basic F500 - White Yellow

Football match size 5 FIFA Basics F500 offers both comfort and toughness. It is more comfortable to play with because of its interior foam layer.

Price: ₹1,099

3. Football Ball Size 5 F300 – Red

For individuals who wish to play hard, the Football Size 5F300 is ideal because it is highly robust and only absorbs a small amount of water. This football features a bladder made of latex butyl.

Price: ₹699

4. Football Ball Match Size 5 FIFA Basic F550 - White Red

The FIFA Basic F550 Football Match Size 5 is specifically made to provide ideal balance and durability while playing football. Additionally, it has a 24-panel design with thick outer material for added stability.

Price: ₹1,499

5. Kids Football Ball Size 1 Sunny 300 - Turquoise Blue

Designed specifically for young children who are just learning to dribble, shoot, or juggle with their hands or feet. For barefoot play, the Football Size 1 Sunny 300 is perfect.

Price: ₹149

6. Kids Football Ball Size 5 Sunny 300 – Orange

The Kids Football Size 5 Sunny 300 is another lightweight football for young players learning to dribble, shoot, or juggle the Kids Football Size 5.

Price: ₹199

7. Football Ball Training Size 3 (Below 8 years) First – Blue

The Football training size 3 is designed Size 3 for young, inexperienced football players who occasionally play. So that you can practise your first moves, our design teams gave the outer cover's resilience and bounced top priority.

Price: ₹299

8. Football Ball Training Size 5 F500 Print - Pink Black

The Football training size 5 F500 print is 15% lighter than conventional balls. Children may learn to play it more easily because it is lighter, whether they play for fun or in a club.

Price: ₹899

9. Hybrid Football F500 Size 4 - White

The Hybrid Football F500 Size 4 includes undetectable seams to increase durability and an interior foam layer to improve user comfort.

Price: ₹799

10. F100 Size 4 Football - Blue

The F100 Size 4 football conforms to requirements set forth by international football federations. Additionally, the ball's hand-stitched design gives it exceptional durability.

Price: ₹699

What Are The Benefits Of Using The Best Football In India?  

Using the best football in India is as follows:

1. Use football to increase your endurance.

2. It aids in strengthening you.

3. It has practical and technical advantages.

Things To Consider When Choosing The Best Football In India: Buyers' Guide

These are the things to consider when choosing the best football in India:

1. Football Size

When purchasing a football, the size should be your first consideration. In addition, the game should consider whether the gamer is practising for career advancement or enjoying the game. The football is available in three standard sizes: size 3 for children aged 6 to 9. Size 4, for children aged 9 to 12, and size 5, for children aged 12 and older.

2. Football Material

The second factor to consider is the football's material, as it was once made of leather but is now made of various materials. Every material is also customised to meet a particular set of specifications. For instance, PU is frequently used to make match footballs. As a result, PU delivers the best playability despite its astronomical price and aids in improving game performance.

3. Football Stitching 

The football's stitching comes next, determining whether it is the quickest and most economical way employed. As a result, it is frequently seen on training footballs and other inexpensive products. Additionally, even though it is visible, check the stitching to see if it is firm and exact before purchasing.

4. Football Bladder 

Football bladder importance is comparable to that of other factors. The only reason a football is considered powerful is because of its bladder. In addition, the bladder regulates the bouncing characteristics. Most footballs feature synthetic/rubber bladders or bladders made of latex.

5. Reviews

Lastly, ratings play a significant role in luring new customers. On our website, you can explore the product list or read user reviews if you're wondering which footballs are the best in India.


We hope that we were able to assist you in choosing a football. All of the top football games on Decathlon are included on this list. Please contact us by writing if you have any additional questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Listed balls are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about best quality football.

1. How do you maintain a football?

Cleaning a football after use and avoiding use in moist conditions are both necessary for maintaining one.

2. Which street football is best?

Decathlon street football is the best football.

3. Which football is best at a low price?

The Football Ball Training Size 5 (above 12 years) F100 is the best economical football on this list.

4. Which is the best football under 500?

The Football Ball Training Size 3 (Below 8 years) First is the best football under Rs. 500.

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