21 years old student. Born and brought up in Bangalore.  

"I’m a sports person,  been in the field since schooling.  Started with athletics and then went on for team games"

From what age are you playing Football?

When I was a 14-years old I started playing in school,  but after joining college,  at the age of 17, I started training.

What made you choose Football?

It’s that one sport that I was always intrigued to learn more about.

What is your biggest personal achievement so far?

Joining a club for the super division league

Any funny or interesting story from the field that you can remember?

Watching my teammate fall during practice matches for something silly that could’ve been avoided

What is it like for a girl to play football in India?

People take us as a joke. Just the other day while we were playing,  some guy yelled ‘go back to the kitchen’. They think just cause we’re girls we can’t play.

Do you feel any kind of gender disparity in the game?

Not everywhere but yes it does exist.

What are some of the difficulties you’ve faced in your journey in terms of unavailability of gear etc.

I haven’t faced such difficulties.

What would you like to tell other girls to encourage them to play the sport?

No matter what people may say or think, do what you want to.  They don’t know what you’re capable of and sometimes you may not know either until you play.  So never stop for someone else.  Find out whether you’re passionate about it and go ahead enjoying it.

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