The question is: which football goal is made for you?

Your choice of goal depends on where it is you're playing.

kid stopping the football goal

1. For Playing Outside in a Garden

If you want to play outside in a garden, you'll need a product that is both impact and weather resistant, and above all easy to assemble.

  • For Occasional use, we recommend the BASIC GOAL range (available in size S and M). These goals feature ground pegs for extra stability on grass surfaces.
  • For more
    regular or intensive use, you need a more durable and stable goal. We recommend the CLASSIC GOAL range (available in three sizes: S, M and L).

    These goals feature a metal structure, guaranteeing great stability on all surfaces, even without using ground pegs.

    The L size goal is the same size as a handball goal (3x2 m), perfect for playing in a group with a 'real' goalkeeper.

2. For Playing Outdoors, On All Surfaces

boy playing football on the beach

If you want to play football on any indoor or outdoor surface (park, beach, street, etc.), we recommend the THE KAGE range of easily portable, lightweight, compact, foldable goals.

Their size and automatic unfolding make these goals easy to assemble and fold. Their material is resistant to all types of playing surfaces.


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