When it comes to stretching, everyone has their own habits and beliefs! As a result, many popular misconceptions have arisen, which we'll now attempt to clear up by focusing on one question: WHEN should you stretch? In other words what's the best time to stretch when we're playing football, particularly during training sessions?


To Keep Things Clear And Simple, We'll Look at Two Types of Stretching: Passive and Active. What's The Difference Between The Two? When And How Should You Stretch?

Stretching During Football

1. Passive Stretching 

  • Contrary to popular belief, So ultimately it does more harm than good.
  • Passive stretching is very much a routine.

Back into it. You should definitely avoid feeling any pain as this is an inefficient way to stretch that increases the risk of muscle injury.

2. Active Stretching 

For example, stretch the quads for around 5 seconds then do some high knee running; stretch the hamstring then do some heel flicks, and so on.

Like passive stretching, active stretching is a new technique that has proven to be efficient before training, during training and just after the warm-up.

Active stretching is done



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