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Football is, without a doubt, the most popular sport in the world. But why so much enthusiasm for a ball? Why do you think 22 players run behind a ball with so much passion? Can you tell me? 

I have some answers

1. Football - A Way of Life

kids on the football ground

Ask any footballer in his/her 20s and I assure that they will tell you how football has helped them evolve and adapt in their lives. How they are a completely different person today because of this sport. Football uses notions like self-improvement, development of the taste for effort, competitive spirit and most importantly discipline, I'm sure you know what I'm talking about, you got a yellow card after a wrong call and you still held on for the rest of the game.

Very often the values ​​with which we evolve as a footballer, accompany us in our personal development and I think that the ones that the football convey are very positive!

2. Football: A Factor of Socialization

Football is a collective sport, which brings you to rub shoulders with many personalities. Like the school, the practice of football participates in the learning of life in society.

As a member of a team, you develop a sense of collective work and the desire to perform better for your teammates (well in most cases! Some do not seem to integrate this notion, but this is the other debate ...).

It really does ignite the sense of team spirit!

3. An Accessible Sport

kids playing football

As shown by the many images of children playing football on makeshift terrain, sometimes even without shoes, broadcast on all TV channels during major international competitions, all you need is a football to kick off. The practice does not require massive investment. Of course, for the competition, it is necessary to have good equipment but this is a sport that remains very accessible.

4. An Activity That Helps to Stay in Shape

Don’t ignore when the coach asks you warm up or stretch. Trust me, comes from a guy who had to miss playing for a year because he never took care of his legs. The practice of football helps to keep you fit. This is an extremely cardio activity, which involves many muscles located mainly at the lower body and core, and a lot more! The abdominals, for example, are put to the test during a match. Thus, for people who do not see themselves running for no other purpose than to travel as many kilometres as possible, football is a good alternative that allows you to have fun while having fun. 

Note also that this is a sport that allows you to let off steam after a day of work for adults and that can channel the youngest through the energy expenditure it entails, which is not negligible.

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