She has been practicing strength training for more than 2 years. Recently, she won "Mrs. India Earth" at runner-up position and was also awarded the subtitle of “Mrs. Body Fit.” 

Diksha has continuously challenged all cliches and conventions that may have come her way and is now inspiring more women to look after themselves first.

She is also a health and Nutrition ambassador of HCWA i.e the philanthropy partner of Mrs. India Earth and Nutrition expert of team Womenly Campaigns.

What was your Inspiration?

Two years back, I was a full time working busy Mommy and a homemaker, with my hectic schedule and family responsibilities. I never paid attention to my health and fitness, hence I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and pcd which led to massive weight gain. I was 86 kgs, 29 years and an old depressed woman.

Then I decided to change, change my lifestyle, my outlook towards food and exercise, basically decided to take charge of my life. I bought a treadmill to start with, reduced eating, started home workout  with which I lost 18 kgs but meanwhile I educated myself with right ways of weight loss and I found the theory of strength training very believable. So I joined a gym and started lifting weights. It was a gradual process. From not being able to walk even for 2 km I became someone who could deadlift 100 kgs and squat with 80 kgs. Now I am a healthy person with no hormonal problems ( I have stopped taking medicine for thyroid) 61 kgs of weight and body fat 15 percent. So I lost around 25 kgs in one year.

Where did it all begin?

My motivation was my conviction that I have to be fit not only to look good but to be healthy for my child. I wanted to be an example to him. This thought only kept me on track. Luckily my family also supported me in the best possible way and now my whole outlook has been changed towards life. Fitness is just not a hobby anymore it’s my lifestyle. it’s my passion and now my profession. During the process of weight loss, I understood that its ok to love yourself too, you need to be happy and healthy to keep your family happy.

What type of Cross-Training moves do you do?

Deadlifts, Squat Jumps, Burpees, Box Jumps and Core Training

Do you do deadlifts? Do you use kettlebells, training bands etc? What are the benefits you've experienced using these?

Yes I love to workout with kettlebell, resistance bands and body weight exercises too. it definitely challenges my body differently. 

It enhances my endurance, speed etc. Basically Cross Training is my solution to burn more in less time. 

What is your process? How do you structure your days?

If you are a mum and a homemaker along with that, you also have a career to take care of, one has to plan everything a day prior. I not only pre-prep my routine but I make sure that my child's day should go on smoothly. So planning with regards to meal, workout, my training and keeping up with my work keeps me going. You have to take some extra pain, let go OF some comforts but I guess that’s a small sacrifice for the stability and smoothness I want in my daily routine.

I wake up early, make breakfast, send my son to school, prepare meals and then hit the gym. An effective workout boosts my energy for the rest of the day.Dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands are boon for busy mommies like me. If you have this basic equipment then you can work out anywhere anytime. I follow a structured diet because it’s a need not only professionally but also for my personal wellbeing.

What are the Challenges you've faced so far?

It wasn’t an easy journey but a very enjoyable process. I enjoyed the whole phase and I am still enjoying it. It boosts your confidence which reflects in your personality and my participation in Mrs. India Earth and winning it is a proof that if you have faith in yourself, you’ll get what you want. I feel that I have learned to be patient, dedicated and learnt to love myself with my weight loss. I appreciate everything about me and around me. I am a happy and content person now and very excited to do more.

My story has been featured in various platforms like India Today, Aajtak, Zee news and social media blogs like “womenly”, “indianwomenblog”, “foreverfit”, it’s a privilege for me if I can motivate the masses to incorporate health and wellness in their lives.

What's next for you?

I want to tell everyone through this platform that dreams do come true, you should never stop trying. Make fitness a part of your life if you take care of your body by providing the best nutrition and active lifestyle. It'll respond back in a most beautiful way by gifting you best of your health. It’s never too late to incorporate a healthy lifestyle.

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