“Remember this – The mind drives the body, and the body is home to the mind. Much like you and me, the mind functions to its best, when it’s home is in good state.” 

Shaikat Das

Shaikat Das

Crossfit Trainer, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Sports Nutritionist and founder of Mettle Fitness Studio

Shaikat is a dynamic, positively driven and proactive fitness mentor who believes in achieving all health goals with method, discipline and perseverance.

The Journey

Somewhere in the year 2015, Shaikat joined a fitness studio in the capacity of a Technical head. He wanted to grow beyond just the practical experience and decided to educate himself further – by completing the Barefoot Level-1 Certification.

The very next year, the fitness studio was to come up with another branch – also, headed by Shaikat. At that time, Shaikat was following Rich Froning (4 times Crossfit World Champion). Fronning’s strategy, grit & discipline deepened Shaikat’s interest in Crossfit, leading him to want to learn more about it. With this new responsibility, he decided to up his game further by completing the Crossfit Level-1 Certification, becoming only the third person in Kolkata, to have this certification. The following year, Shaikat joined the Calcutta Cricket and Football Club’s gym as the Technical Head. It was somewhere during this time that Shaikat while honing his skills as a fitness enthusiast & trainer, went ahead with broadening his genre of expertise. For the same, he went ahead to accomplish the Olympic Weight-Lifting Certification (Russian Technique by Dimitry Klokav).

Shaikat was driven to fitness as if by a natural instinct and his curiosity surrounding it grew by the day. One thing led to another and Shaikat found himself training people of varied health forms and ages and guiding them towards total fitness, eventually. It was during 2017 that Shaikat realized his need to institutionalize his skills, to be able to reach more people. The result of it was the birth of ‘Mettle Fitness Studio’. At Mettle, Shaikat with his team has established fitness & well-being on the same parallel space.


For him, a fitness regime is not something he needs to push hard for. Over the years he has woven health and wellness with a regularised workout plan, in his very lifestyle. Because of his vast knowledge and experimental instinct, he finds himself training well in both a fully equipped studio and a sparsely equipped space. However, to him, bar & free-weights are indispensable for workouts.

Being an early riser, the first thing Shaikat does is to train himself at Mettle. Immediately after that, he begins attending to his clients – keeping a keen eye on each of them, perfecting their forms & optimizing the benefits of the workout regime he has charted out for them. 


“To maximize the benefits of the workout, I follow a well-balanced diet which fulfil my macro and micro nutrition requirements. My portion-size depends on my goal."

Of late his diet has been:

- Breakfast: Eggs & Bread / Chicken Sandwich/ Bacon & Eggs
- Lunch: Grilled Chicken / Grilled Fish with steamed rice & veggies & pulses
- Evening Snack: Eggs & nuts
- Dinner: Salad & Grilled Chicken
- The diet is supplemented with Omega-3 and multivitamins.



Shaikat, has always believed, that the biggest stumbling blocks on the way to total fitness are the myths surrounding it. He fights these blocks by means of

  • Awareness-education and,
  • By setting examples and new health goals.
  • To him the biggest challenge is being able to transform Kolkata into a healthier, fitter rendition of itself. Shaikat would like each and every person to be able to identify their body as unique and precious.

He says, it is important to be able to respect and accept your body for what it is because only then, can you strive to make it better. The many fads surrounding health and fitness make it difficult for one to make the right choice but it is important to know, every body has different ways of reacting to a certain health regime. With Mettle Fitness Studio, Shaikat has embodied these very thoughts. With his team of trainers Shaikat strives every day, to bring the best out of his clients with respect to their health goals.

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