Rajesh is a Fitness trainer from Coimbatore where he runs his Gym Ptzone with his brother. His field of expertise is Body-building, Fat loss, nutrition, general fitness, and physique transformation.

It's worth mentioning that he's transformed 75 women clients in the span of 1 year only through online training including our friend Diksha Chhabra who went on to win the title of Mrs. Body Fit in Mrs. India Earth Show.

We're delighted to have had the chance to have a conversation with him to learn a little more about his personal journey in the sport.


Both my brother and I have been inspired by our father. If we hadn't grown up watching him lifting weights, my story would probably not turn out to be a success

I was born in the year 1978 and in the 80's and 90's fitness wasn't exactly the common household talk. Everybody wanted to be a software professional, a doctor or an engineer. In that era, if anyone was inclined toward fitness, the inspiration had to be triggered within the household instead of external influences like the media.

I feel lucky to have a dad who inspired me and my brothers to lift weights which eventually turned out to be a profession for us. Today, it's like a fashion statement to be called a "trainer" but that's not how it was when I chose this as a passion.

My brother Suresh PT too has served as an inspiration to me. He is a Mr. India title winner and a contest prep coach. I've always admired him and his work. Way back in 1990, my brother had his "six-pack abs" when it wasn't even a thing.

I have childhood memories of us going to the gym at the age of 10 with our dad

Watching him lift weights and winning contests has been a great influence for us. I also remember him sticking Arnold Schwarzeneggers posters all over the house and telling us; "You shouldn't look like an ordinary man in a crowd. Stand out, look built up and different."

What keeps me going even today is the happiness of my clients. When their lives are transformed along with their physique. 

I didn't start on any one particular day. As I've mentioned earlier, it was a gradual process. 

Just watching my dad every day at the gym was an inspiration by itself and I've always told him that "I'll be like you someday."

At the age of 13, I was put in a hostel for my studies. My dad packed my bags and made sure I had a pair of dumbbells. That was really the age I started carrying weights and getting my biceps shaped. 

Diet for me is eating clean

I always make sure to eat healthily. More fats and fewer carbohydrates. Strictly no processed food. A medium amount of proteins and lots of green leafy vegetables. I also take some healthy supplements like omega3, multivitamins etc.

Challenges are there from Day 1

Learning new things and adapting to it and not getting results out of it and then again realizing that there's probably a better way of doing it and starting all over. 

The thing that I've learned now which could have helped me if I know earlier is that a health check-up every 3-6 months is very important because of the lifestyle these days, pollution etc. Also, we're all aware that sleep is important but we don't know how important it is. So I've had all these enlightenments which I should have had earlier.

Healthy eating is a challenge too but only until it becomes a habit 

The best advice that I've ever gotten is that 8 hours of night sleep is the best thing you can ever do for your body that also builds up your immunity against so many health issues.

I want to reach more people and be accessible to them through my articles and educate them on healthy living.

I've written a lot of articles on fat loss, healthy living, food choices while traveling, maintaining oneself after losing fat and now I want to reach more people and be accessible to them through my articles and educate them on healthy living.

I've started visiting colleges in my city, reaching out to students, conducting healthy living seminars etc.

My greatest accomplishment is that I've been able to reverse the TYPE-2 Diabetes for a couple of my online clients curing thyroid, PCOD, etc with proper nutrition, and workouts.

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