When you're looking for something more than you have right now and just going to the gym is not enough because you don't know how to structure or plan your workout, here's a workout plan that could really help you to get started.

If affording a trainer at the gym might seem like a tedious and expensive affair, feel free to take a look at this basic gym-workout created by Diksha to target the whole muscle group.


Four Week Gym Workout Plan

Week 1 - Week 4 

Monday (Legs)

Warm up

Leg extensions 3 sets 15 reps

Squats with dumbbells 3*15

Leg press 3*15

Leg curls 3*15

Sumo squats 3*15

Stiff leg deadlift 3*15

Calf raises 3*15



Warm up

Flat bench chest press 3*15

Cable crossover 3*15

Incline bench press 3*15

Incline bench flyes 3*15

Decline bench press 3*15

Decline flyes 3*15



Warm up

Wide grip pull down 3*15

Seated rowing 3*15

One arm rowing 3*15

Dumbbell Pull over 3*15

Close grip rowing 3*15

Deadlift 3*15



Warm up

Knee crunches 15*3

Leg raises 15*3

Plank twists 20*3

Climbers 25*3

Alternate toe touch 20*3

Bicycle crunches 20*3

Elbow to hand planks 15.*3


FRIDAY (Biceps and triceps)

Warm up

Seated bicep curls 3*15

Dumbbell hammer curls 3*15

Preacher curls 3*15

Concentration curls 3*15

Tricep cable pushdowns 3*15

Overhead extensions 3*15

Bench dips 3*15

Dumbbell kickbacks 3*15


SATURDAY (Shoulders)

Warm up

Shoulder press with dumbbells 3*15

Side lateral raises 3*15

Front raises 3*15

Upright rowing 3*15

Shoulder press on machine 3*15

Shrugs 3*15


Sunday (Rest Day)


Does working out matter if you're not eating right?

You're working hard to burn off calories at your workouts but it's hard to burn off a bad diet. 

Here's what Diksha gives to her clients that complements her 4-week home and gym workout plans very well. 

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