Who or What Has Been Your Biggest Motivation?

Injury can demotivate anybody and this is what happened to me. However, I drew inspiration from my past and did not want to give it away at such an early age. This is when I decided that I will work hard to get back on track and start playing again.

Today I train over 200 athletes (Pro, Semi-Pro & Recreational) across 10 different training centres in Bangalore and also travel to other cities and helping others realize their true potential as to what their body can offer athletically is my biggest motivation.

How Did it All Begin? When Did You First Realize You Wanted to Do Cross Training? What Did You Do Next?

While I was recovering from an injury 5 years ago, I realised that there is such a big potential for Fitness (Cross Training) in India and for professional and recreational athletes in the country which is relatively unexplored. I was keen to learn more about the human body and movement so that one day I can share the same with others and spread awareness about fitness and well being.

I worked as a Fitness Coach for 1 and a half years before starting my own fitness centre - Rapid Sports Fitness in Bangalore.

From a very young age, I loved playing Sports and till date, I believe that all the matches I've played and the training sessions I've attended taught me real-life lessons and shaped me to be the person I am today.

I started Rapid Sports Fitness with the intention to encourage, teach and promote people to pick a sport or some form of fitness be it indoor or outdoor. The sessions we conduct are a mixed strength and conditioning training, speed and agility, balance, mobility, flexibility, endurance etc. The greatest joy for me today is seeing a client confident in taking up a sport or an outdoor activity because of the hard work and dedication they've put in at a training session.

What is Your Process? How Do You Structure Your Days?

Fitness is a balanced lifestyle and an everyday necessity. Food, Water, Fitness and Family all fall in the same line of priority because all of them have benefits like none other.

My day usually starts at 6:30 am and ends at 9:30 pm. I do 3 hours of coaching in the morning and 3 hours in the evening with an occasional couple of sessions in the afternoon. I squeeze in a quick 45-60 min workout 4 days a week in between the day and play football for 60 min twice a week.

With regard to my training, I'm comfortable training anywhere be it on the road, beach, gym or even a hotel room. The beauty of functional training (cross training) is that you do not necessarily need equipment or space all the time.

Chelton pinto - cross training

What Do You Find are the Biggest Stumbling Blocks and What are the Best Ways You’ve Found to Overcome Them?

The fitness industry in India is booming at the moment and Bangalore, in particular, is right on top of the ladder. This also brings in a lot of competition which is good but for me the plan is simple  - I started out wanting to spread the importance of Sport and Fitness across all age groups and I will continue to do that at my own capacity.

What's Next for You?

At a young age I've moved from Sports to Corporates to Businesses and have experienced a few victories and highs, a lot of failures and lows, been cheated on and counted out and all of that inspires me to wake up and make everyday count! A lot of my friends ask me how and from where I get the energy and motivation to work the way I do and I have only one answer - "This is what I've learned to do through Sports i.e be determined, set a goal and don't stop till it is achieved!"

Since I'm passionate about my line of work, I'm constantly thinking of ideas as to how to go make the whole fitness experience fun and more accessible to people out there.   

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