Getting accustomed to the new normal has been quite the task for many of us. To protect ourselves and others, we have to wear a mask every time we go out. We have to maintain social distancing whenever we go to places where there are people around us. Most importantly, we have to sanitize our hands and wash them for at least 20 seconds each time we come in contact with any object. Taking these precautions is the only way we can protect ourselves from the virus and other infections. 

Amidst all that, we should also keep a check on our health. As we change and adapt to a different lifestyle, we should also ensure we are eating right and exercising. Healthy eating and 15-30 minutes of exercise allow our body and mind to stay balanced and keep fit.  

One of the easiest ways to exercise is to walk. While it may sound easy to gain maximum benefits, you should practice doing a brisk walk. Brisk walking is an exercise that improves your cardiovascular health and mental health as well. Not to mention, it also caters to your fitness goals. And, brisk walking is one such exercise that one can practice indoors and outdoors! Here are a few things your body can benefit from if you add brisk walking to your daily routine: 


  1. Maintaining a healthy weight or lose weight 

Brisk walking can help you lose excess weight as it burns more calories, thereby helping you to burn body fat. It also boosts your metabolism and increases your lean muscle mass. If your goal is to lose belly fat, you can walk at a steady speed with faster steps; this makes your heart beat faster and makes you breathe harder. This method gets you in the fat-burning zone and helps you rapidly lose the calories you consumed. 

brisk walk maintains healthy weight


  1. Strengthening bone muscles and joints 

Practicing brisk walking as a daily exercise routine builds muscle strength and endurance. After a certain age, your bones and joints start to degenerate. The best way to prevent that is by ensuring you work on strengthening your joints. Strengthen your bones by brisk walking regularly.

If you are susceptible to chronic back pain, brisk walking can help provide a certain amount of relief from the pain. Conscious walking helps in increasing blood circulation, thereby enabling flexibility around your lower back.  

Your legs also gain strength as you build muscle and endurance by brisk walking regularly. If you are facing issues with moving around due to stiff joints, actively walking for 20-30 minutes can help loosen you’re your muscles surrounding the joints. It can also help prevent bone diseases like osteoporosis. 

builds muscle strength


  1. Improving Cardiovascular Health 

Studies show that walking 5-days a week can help lower the risk of heart disease. It can help improve the health of your heart. Brisk walking enhances the health of your cardiovascular system. It has an array of benefits, such as: 

  • Lower blood pressure. 
  • Better blood circulation 
  • Better oxygen circulation 
  • Stronger organs 
  • Maintains cholesterol balance 
  • Lower blood sugar 

Brisk walking regularly has the benefit of increasing your insulin sensitivity. The cells in your muscles can function better to gain glucose from energy. It also has the added benefit of preventing or managing various conditions which include heart diseases, and diabetes. 

strengthens leg joints


  1. Improving Mental Health 

The lockdown has affected our mental health in more ways than one. One way to maintain positivity through these trying times is to a brisk walk. Studies show that people who walk regularly experience elevated moods. It helps you feel more relaxed. If there are relaxations around your place of residence and citizens are allowed to move freely, you can go choose to walk on a path that surrounds nature. Don’t forget to cover your face and maintain distance between other individuals. Being around nature can help bring down the cortisol levels in your brain that is the root cause of stress and anxiety.  

Brisk walking can also bring your mind into a calm state by stimulating nerve cells. Brisk walking encourages the production of endorphins. A quick brisk walk during the day can help you feel more energized during the day. 
brisk walk

  1. Better Metabolism 

The right way of practicing brisk walking is by increasing your pace as you walk. As you walk, your body requires more energy. Walking at a quicker pace increases your body’s metabolism and helps your body utilize strength efficiently. If your goal is to lose belly fat, faster metabolism also helps you to lose belly fat.  

It also stimulates digestion in your body. Regular brisk walking can help with the breakdown of your food. It helps to digest properly instead of retaining fats. It increases the movement of food through your body. 

improves metabolism

  1.  Balancing Blood Sugar Levels 

Going for a brisk walk after you have consumed food has proven to lower glucose levels in your blood. Too much blood sugar can lead to unnecessary weight gain. Regular walks prevent you from blood sugar related issues such as type-2 diabetes. 

balance blood sugar level


Note that these benefits can only be acquired if you maintain a healthy diet and add more exercises to your routine so that it doesn’t feel repetitive. Brisk walk properly – keep a check on the number of steps per minute. Increase your pace gradually. Keep your heart rate in check as well. Learn how you can brisk walk indoors as going out for longer hours is not recommended, given the current situation. If you do, ensure you do not go to crowded places. Be safe, be healthy!

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