The fat and sugar reserves of our body are always considered as the soulless energies which does no good, but harms our healthy body.

Therefore it essential to breakdown these fat and sugar to energy, which is called Metabolism. Our forever dream is to wake up every morning with a healthy body and a happy heart.

But it ceases to be an easy task trapped in our busy junky schedule and habits. Metabolism is the biochemical process of combining nutrients with Oxygen to release the energy which your body needs to function.

This is done by tearing apart your excessive calories and refilling the gap with essential nutrients. So it’s paramount to know how to increase your metabolism.

Before diving into the metabolism boosters, it’s crucial to have a peep on the reasons of why people have low metabolic rate.

Reasons why people have low metabolism -

  • The hectic schedules, the junky food habits, lazy lads restraining from exercises etc. has created a whole bunch of weak and meek people around us who have really low metabolic rates. This impede their body from boosting up the energy level that you need to function.
  • It is highly important to maintain your balance and intake of high calories. But being too health freak and eating very less can decrease your metabolism. When the calorie rate drops down, the lower the rate at which it burns. Lose your weight in a healthy way, if by calorie restriction, don’t be harsh on yourself too much and restrict it too much.
  • The lower rate of your metabolism at times might not be your soul fault. It can be because of the natural lack of certain hormones in your body. The lack of hormones such as estrogen receptors in brain and testosterone in male and female can slow down the process of metabolism in you. Hormones change as we age, thus it becomes vital to know how to increase metabolism.
  • The all time partner of our busy life, stress. This is also reasonable for the slow metabolic rates of our body. It’s a common habit for most of us, we eat a lot while we are stressed, we find a lack in our body and we fill it by eating junkies. But this could in turn lead in gaining more weight and reducing the rate of your metabolism. It is highly important to maintain your weight balance without which the process of metabolism will never be an easy path.
  • The reason for your slower metabolic rate can be certain drugs that you intake. Medications for diabetics, steroids, anti-thyroid pills, effects your body and slows down the process of metabolism inside you. Its important to know how to increase metabolism while you are in strict medications for certain diseases, because to is important to maintain your health to free yourselves from these medications.
  • Sugary intakes can deposit fat contents in your body and effect the metabolism. Excessive intake of sugar sweetened drinks and beverages slows down the metabolic process leaving your health bitterly.
  • Sleep is as important as food. Lack of sleep makes a difficult time metabolizing carbohydrates and thus the blood sugar level rises up. This can cause your metabolic rates to slow down day by day. Its pressing to give rest to your mind and body whenever it needs it. A good night sleep always keeps your metabolism revved. Sleep tight and stay calm.
  • Our lifestyle has turned as to a lazy bunch of pandas, so lazy even to be lazy. But this laziness has made the gap of lack of exercise in us. Exercises are highly important to maintain our bodily functions. It can increase our heart rates by bumping enough blood, which helps in burning u calories without much pain. Exercise is a good metabolic booster we can clinch on.

10 ways to increase metabolism -

Now that we know the black hands behind our low metabolic rates, its’s fruitful to know how to increase metabolism.

Here are 10 effective tips on how to boost your metabolism in a healthy way.

  1. Spice up your meals

Add spicy masalas to your food, like pepper. Pepper contains Capsaicin the element which gives it the spice. This naturally boosts up your metabolism leaving you healthy and fresh all day long. Adding pepper helps you maintain a healthy weight balance. Its proven that adding spice can burn around 10 additional calories per meal. That’s hot!

Spice up your meals
  1. Sleep like a baby

A good night tight sleep helps your body to reduce blood sugar level, thereby boosting up your metabolism. If a good sleep can solve your question on how to increase metabolism go for it! It’s also evident that sufficient sleep boosts up your hunger hormone Ghrelin as well as decreases the fullness hormone Leptin. Thus it maintains our eating habit, by having sufficient food for boosting metabolism and having less to stay fit and firm.

‍Sleep like a baby
  1. Sweat it out

Doing regular exercise like weight lifting and hard core workouts increases muscle mass. An increase in muscle mass burns out more fat and sweating it out.  Sweating out doing workouts increases your bodies necessity to meet the energy level, thus boost up your metabolism.

Sweat it out
  1. Yoga

The common answer for the perennial question of how to increase metabolism is, Yoga. The practice of calming your mind and body is an art that everyone should train on. Yoga can also be a simulative manage to your digestive system. Practicing yoga poses like Wind relieving pose, stimulates your digestive system for healthy intake of food. This could also increase rate of blood flow enhancing the metabolism level.

  1. Eat not too much not too less

You might be on a strict weight loss diet. But eating enough food and intake of high calories is crucial to maintain a healthy lifestyle. If the metabolic rates are low, it can affect the performance of your whole body leaving you a unhealthy lad. Skimping on your calories can slow down the rate at which the body burns down calories. This can never enhance your metabolic levels. Thus its cardinal to have sufficient food for a healthy body. So put on a simple diet, sweat yourself out to slim down in a healthy way. Or else, you’ll trim out but with a week and meek body, where your pain is gone vain.

Eat not too much not too less
  1. Virgin Olive Oil

For your body to function properly, it needs sufficient dietary fats. Virgin olive oil has enough healthy dietary fat which suffices your bodies need. It reduces your fat, quashes the hunger in us and keeps us fit and healthy. It’s a healthy way to boost up your metabolism, adding olive oil to your meals.

Virgin Olive Oil
  1. Carbs at night

Our body burns carbs for energy. But consuming it before sleep stores them as fat, boosting the metabolic rates. The stark difference of having carbs at morning and before sleep is striking. While in morning its intake can increase the blood sugar level at a faster rate, which is not so good for our health. but at night, it has a higher diet element, which burns more calories. This is an ideal way to solve your thoughts on how to increase metabolism.

‍Carbs at night
  1. Up on your feet's

Our work culture has made an unhealthy relationship with our chairs. We sit and work for a long time and then sleeps. The basic activity of standing up, is completely devoid in our routine.

Back in school days this was sufficed as our teacher’s healthy punishment of standing up for an hour. But now days have changed, we are the masters of our own lives, there is no one to push us or punish us. But by sitting for a long time and giving a complete rest to our feet has made our life sedentary.

We are no more the hyperactive lad who runs around, but the inactive snail that lags behind. Standing for at least 3 hours a day boosts up your metabolic level and gifts back you the old active fun you. Say adieu to your chairs for a while and stand up on your feet for a healthy lifestyle. 

Up on your feet's
  1. A chocolaty treat

This might sound as hard stab for a health conscious one. But its true, that nibbling on your chocolate, preferably dark chocolate can reduce your stress hormones.

It thereby boosts up your metabolism solving the puzzle on how to increase metabolism in a sweet and yummy way.

A chocolaty treat
  1. Nutty nuts

Clinching to a low calorie, but healthy diet with your nuts, like almonds is a healthy way to boost up your metabolism as well as shedding your weight.

These nuts gives you a feeling of a full tummy, and puts a ban on overeating. Thus you eat yummy and feel healthy.

‍Nutty nuts

These are few tips on how to boost your metabolism. Fit or fat, healthy or wobbly is your choice. Eat healthy, stay health boost up your metabolism for a happy life.

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