Tourism in India is, by all accounts, blessed with boundless scenic historical sites, bustling urban communities, and places offering laid-back resort stays. You are spoilt for choice, and it is always a confusing decision to choose from amongst all these tourist attractions. To enjoy the Indian culture and history, travel is vital. It's an ideal opportunity to get your backpacks and set on an excursion to tick off a couple of places from your list of must-dos. Well, we shall help you out by presenting the best places in India for a wide range of travellers.


Travel in India is a limitless expedition. You have a chance to appreciate fantastic mountains, grand excellence, precious stone cascades, interesting seashores, clamouring urban communities, and culturally drenched landmarks. It is about how you are intending to invest your energy, and India is budget-friendly, which would change into customized heaven, only for you. 

There are countless best places to visit in India. To mention a few of the best places in India in brief- Mcleodganj - Heaven Amidst the Hills, Kerala - The Magical God's Own Country, Kanatal - for the best camping location, and the list goes on. Read on to know that it is time to visit these best tourist spots in India to explore yourself on a journey.

Table of Contents 

  1. 10 Best Places to Visit in India
  2. Adventure Things to do in India
  3. Tips to Travel in India 
  4. Frequently Asked Questions
  5. The Bottom Line

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10 Best Places to Visit in India 

With more than 20 official languages, diverse religions, and various cuisines, there is so much to explore in India. Head to as many of these places as your itinerary allows.

1. Leh-Ladakh 

Leh is a spot that is certainly on each traveller’s bucket list. Located in Ladakh, Leh welcomes explorers to its quintessential excellence. You can try many exciting activities in Leh including climbing, trekking, jeep tour, and boating. This spot knows no limit; take a walk on the beautiful streets, interact with the locals to know about the culture/history, and try lip-smacking traditional dishes.

2. Coorg 

Coorg lies in the mountains of Karnataka. It is renowned for its unrivalled lovely green coffee plantations. Places that are not to be missed in Coorg include Abbey Falls, Nalknad Palace, Barapole River, Brahmagiri Peak, Iruppu Falls, and Nagarhole National Park. Coorg is an ideal holiday destination for individuals who wish to move away from all the rushing about of urban areas and rest amid plant life and nature.

3. Kutch 

Kutch is one of the best destinations to visit in India. With lively energies around, Kutch perhaps has the best celebrations and festivals in India – Rann Utsav in December closes in February. One can accompany their families and enjoy a splendid time in the white salt deserts in Kutch. Prag Mahal, Kutch Museum, Archaeological Museum, Mandvi Beach, Aina Mahal, and Kalo Dungar are some significant attractions in Kutch that shouldn’t be missed.

4. Manali 

Manali is a destination that si ply must not miss. With the Beas River, grand mountains for what it's worth, lovely climate, and ageless excellence, Manali is known far and wide to charm its guests. Individuals, who are arranging their first trips with companions, should come to Manali and have an experience of a lifetime.

5. Kerala 

Palm trees, sandy seashores and a thriving population rooted in culture are the main reasons to visit Kerala. In addition to its celebrated backwaters, rich houseboats, and sanctuary reserves, Kerala is home to Thekkady, a tiger sanctuary. Munnar, a hill station there, allows you to enjoy rock climbing, hiking, and paragliding. Kochi is a striking destination spot that houses a variety of locations that include Jewish synagogues, a Dutch castle, the Portuguese Pallipuram Fort, and the Hindu Thrikkakara Temple.

6. McLeod Ganj 

Mc Leod Ganj, Uttar Pradesh is quite possibly the most wonderful of India’s tourist places. Triund, a hill station in Kangra district offers a fantastic view of the Dhauladhar ranges. Experience euphoria while setting up camp under billions of stars with your companions in Triund. This is among the best places to visit in India for camping.

7. Bir Billing 

Ascending to be one of the most famous places in India post facilitating the first paragliding world cup, Bir Billing grabbed the eye of adventure fans all across the nation. Involved in paragliding spots, Bir Billing is one of those best 10 spots to visit in India that has genuinely satisfied its name of 'paragliding capital of India'.

8. Auli 

The Skiing Capital of India, Auli, is one of the most famous spots to go to amongst India’s tourist places. Regardless of whether you're not into skiing, this is the place where there are lovely nightfalls, and dazzling views of the Himalayas, which you won't ever have enough of! In case you're not visiting Auli in winters for skiing, step foot here any time during the year, and you'll observe the appeal of each season at its best!

9. Jaisalmer 

Jaisalmer, located in Rajasthan is unquestionably the best place to visit in India if you’re into desert safaris. This piece of Rajasthan lies in the Thar Desert area, showing the enchantment of velvet sand rises fit with the consistently bright culture of the state. Jaisalmer is amongst the famous places in India where you can invest in enjoying energizing exercises, for example, sand slamming, camel safari, and desert setting up camp. Indeed! Desert setting up camp in Jaisalmer makes for an experiential stay, with all the extravagance you could want.

10. Meghalaya 

With reviving greens and breathtaking mountains, Meghalaya is an absolute stunner of a destination. If you're not terrified of caves, creepy crawlies, and restricted spaces, Meghalaya is sure to give you the best travelling experiences in your lifetime!

Adventure Activities to do in India 

Known as the adventure hub for thrill-seekers, India has numerous activities that one can enjoy. Here is a list of some of the best activities and where you can do them.

1. Trekking and Mountaineering

Many trekking areas in Ladakh are popular. The territories of Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand offer great trekking options, like the superb Valley of Flowers. For an immaculate mountain journey in Uttarakhand, head outside of what might be expected at Kalap. If you wish to experience the true essence of trekking with comfort, we suggest you check out Decathlon’s wide range of hiking boots.

2. Rafting and Kayaking

Raft down prestigious waterways, like the sacred Ganges, by day and camp at seashores around evening time. If you want to have an adventurous experience, there's nothing similar to the additional adrenaline surge from white-water kayaking. You can check out Decathlon's exclusive range of waterproof jackets, shoes, and vests ideal for these watersports.

3. Paragliding 

If you have at any point thought about what it must feel like to be a bird, paragliding answers your questions. There are two approaches - figure out how to do it without anyone else's help or take a couple of glides around with an expert. Organizations offering paragliding drives around in India incorporate Billing Paragliding Association, Fly Bir Billing, Nirvana Adventures, and Indus Paragliding.

4. Water Sports 

Customary water sports like parasailing, fly skiing, water skiing, windsurfing, and banana boat rides have been famous for a long time in India. Fresher exercises, for example, kite surfing, are presently getting on too.

5. Motorcycle Touring 

Appreciate the opportunity to find and experience India in a manner that is beyond the realm of imagination by utilizing different types of transport. For a definitive experience, think about joining the yearly Himalayan Odyssey which starts in July, from Delhi to Leh. Check out Decathlon's shoes for bike riding, that ensure perfect grip and comfort.

6. Zip-Lining 

Did you know, it's feasible to dash past Mehrangarh Fort in Rajasthan's Blue City of Jodhpur. How cool is that?! There are other zip-lines over legacy fortifications, wildernesses, and the Ganges River in India. It's loads of fun, and you'll get terrific views that other vacationers pass up.

7. Heli-Skiing 

You'll be transported by helicopter to slants and mountain slopes that are difficult to reach in any case. Wonder about the climate, and be quick to leave your tracks in the snow. Himalayan Heli Adventures offers different heli-skiing trips. The season runs from January to April.

8. Camel and Yak Safaris 

Perhaps the most extraordinary experiences you can have in India is riding through the desolate desert on camelback and setting up camp under the stars. Taking a camel safari will likewise offer you the chance to observe the natural, country desert life of India.

Tips for Traveling in India

  • Carry traveller’s diarrhoea tablets along with yourself
  • Get a proper SIM card for your mobile device with a good roaming connection
  • Be aware of your surroundings to avoid locals robberies and thefts; watch out for pickpockets
  • Have an understanding of the different cultures and history of India to have a better visitors experience
  • Be wary of the common travel scams
  • Try not to be fooled by fake ticket offices
  • Always have bottled water at your repository
  • Remember to carry travel insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the most visited place in India? 

One of the most visited places in India is Agra. The primary justification for Agra in being one of the top-most visited destinations in India is the world-renowned Taj Mahal.

2. Which is the coolest spot in India? 

Siachen Glacier is the coldest spot in India. It is situated in the northern Karakoram range 5,753 meters high, due to which its temperature may plunge as low as less than 50 degrees centigrade in January.

3. Which is the No.1 tourist place in India? 

Agra remains on top, as it houses the world's most lovely landmark, the Taj Mahal. This white beauty falls in the list of Seven Wonders of the World.

The Bottom Line

We have thus, given you a gist of all the things you can do and explore in India from the phenomenal buildings and historical sites to the fun, adventurous experiences that each destination offers. You indeed have to travel to India to get the true feel of it, books and documentaries don’t serve much justice. With these tips and must-visit locations, your trip to India is bound to be an enjoyable one.

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