To help you organise your fitness sessions starting in September, we asked Oliver, our coach. Follow his great tips to create your workout schedule.


Like your regular schedule (work, family, recreation), you should open your calendar and set your workout schedule.

To stay motivated, effective, and
, you should write down the days, times, and length of your workout, and above all, not waver from your commitment. Choose 2 or 3 days in your week, with at least 1 hour free (to have at least 30 minutes of activity). Choose to fill that time by a workout at the gym, outside, or even in front of your screen (computer, tablet, smart phone) by following our Domyos exercise programmes.


If you are able to get to a gym, check out their class schedule and choose activities based on your goals and motivation. If you'd rather exercise outdoors, choose running or biking. If time doesn't allow, or you don't have a gym near your home or workplace, exercise at home by investing in some fitness equipment: treadmill, exercise bike, cross trainer... A number of accessories also allow you to keep in shape at a low cost: jump rope, dumbbells, kettlebells, steppers, fitness bands... If possible, set 2 or 3 workouts per week and give yourself a day of rest between each one.


For a full fitness programme, we recommend alternating strength training workouts in group classes, at the gym or at home (upper and lower body strength training with hand weights, bars, or your own body weight - Bums & Tums - Pilates) and cardio workouts in group classes, at the gym or at home (aerobics, step, cycling, Latin dancing...). If you aren't a fan of group classes, you can also work out on strength training or cardio machines at the gym or at home.


It's best to start your fitness activity at the beginning of the week. Motivation is higher and you don't feel generally fatigued from your life yet (professional, family, etc.). The later you start in the week, the more you risk not finishing all your workouts. So consider planning your workouts like meetings that you can't cancel!


Try to find a moment in your day where you are sure to be free. That will guarantee you at least one 30-60 minute exercise session (morning, noon, afternoon, evening). Please note: morning and noon are better for keeping in shape, so think about this when organising your workout schedule.


Forget all the excuses that could make you miss a workout: not enough sleep the night before, having eaten or drunk poorly... too far to get to your workout location... not packing your workout bag in advance (outfit, running shoes, water bottle), lack of personal organisation (work, kids, etc.).



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