Muscle strengthening and all the exercises it involves can be done by anyone, giving you a simple way of getting in better physical shape and slimming your figure. Grab your kit bag and we'll tell you all about it on the way!

1. What is Muscle Strengthening?

girl doing exercise

As the name suggests, muscle strengthening is to do with using your different muscle groups to regain the tone that you've lost over time.

After the age of 30, a person loses on average 0.5% of their muscle mass each year. A combination of poor diet and a lack of daily movement can increase this stat. But don't worry, it's not irreversible! Muscle strengthening can be done by anyone, at any intensity, and gives your body back its strength and tone to fight ageing. But don't get it confused with weight training. Muscle strengthening doesn't involve lifting or pulling heavy weights and won't increase your muscle mass. Instead, it's about working your body using your own body weight and repeated movements. As you do the exercises over a series of sessions, they'll improve your posture, figure and tone. You'll strengthen your stomach muscles, glutes and thighs, among others. If you want, you can also target specific muscle groups by doing particular exercises. Muscle strengthening will boost your well-being, help you support your frame and give you a more athletic figure!

2. The Rules of Muscle Strengthening

The only rule to follow is to enjoy the benefits of this activity!

It's something that you can do using just your body weight. This will allow you to perform different movements that work deep down to tone your muscles. Depending on your body, some exercises such as planks, wall sits, crunches, etc., will need more effort than others. Sometimes you'll perform lots of repetitions and sometimes you'll hold a position for a long time, putting your muscles to the test and making them stronger. The advantage of muscle strengthening is that it can be done in the gym, with help from a coach, using accessories or machines, or at home. By regularly performing these movements, they'll do you good and gradually become easier over time!

3. What are the Benefits of Muscle Strengthening

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Muscle strengthening makes your muscles more toned and stronger.

It helps rebalance your muscles by making up for any weaknesses. By repeating the movements, you'll strengthen the muscles that stabilise your body and hold it in the correct posture. People who do muscle-strengthening, therefore, reduce the risk of back pain by holding themselves up more naturally. When we use our muscles, it also has a positive effect on our bones. Muscle strengthening preserves bone density and helps fight certain diseases such as osteoporosis. Gradually, muscle strengthening will have a real effect on your figure. Without increasing the volume of your biceps or thighs, it'll help you slim down and get rid of fat. Your body will definitely be thanking you!

4. Is Muscle-Strengthening for You?

girl doing a variation of plank

This activity is aimed at anyone who wants to become more toned, have better posture, and firm up certain parts of their body.

Anyone can do muscle strengthening. How intensely you do it and the exercises you choose will vary according to your situation. Although it's particularly popular among older people who want to stay fit, it can also be done to complement other sports. If you're not very sporty and a bit out of shape, muscle strengthening is still something you can do. Over time, you'll gain endurance and turn this activity into a real habit that you just can't skip!

5. The Equipment You Need for Muscle Strengthening

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The best thing to wear is something elasticated and tight so that it won't get in the way as you perform the movements. Your clothes like T-shirt, sweatshirt, shorts or leggings should also wick away perspiration and be breathable because it's not out of the question for muscle strengthening to require a bit of exertion! The same is true for your socks. Go for fabrics that let your body heat escape. As for your shoes, you'll want trainers that are relatively light, comfortable, and well fitted. Depending on the specific exercise, a bit of cushioning in the sole might be a good idea.

Now you know all the secrets to an activity that'll help you rediscover your lost fitness, figure and tone. We look forward to hearing how it goes and getting your tips after you've tried it out!

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