Yoga Poses for Backpain

Back pain is one of the most common reasons people start doing yoga. Here are 10 yoga poses for back pain, so you leave the mat feeling better.

Imagine a morning, you wake up and your back doesn’t even pain a bit! Such a reviving dream right? Back pain has become a plague that everybody irrespective of their age or gender suffer with. Here’s a facile tip for relieving your back pain, Yoga. You may never believe, that there are numerous best types of yoga for relieving your back pain. It releases the tight muscles in your back and alleviates your pain, gifting you a healthy and happy forever.

Its proven that yoga benefits our body in end number of ways. It plays its part in our health, both physical and mental, release our stress, boosts up our concentration level and so on… Yoga for back pain is the unscathed and a regular capsule that you can intake without a pause of a second thought. Yoga which is a mind body therapy, known for its various postures and poses, is the primo medication from the trauma of your never ending back pain.

The poses, done right, release your muscles and strengthen your body thereby releasing pain. Practicing yoga for a daily basis, allows your mind to listen to your body and its whispers. This keen power of concentration serves your mind to keep track on your body pains, where you are holding your tension, and where do you have the imbalances.  That's why yoga for back pain is an inevitable exercise.

In the vast ocean of health products and exercises created by a world of unhealthy or fit freaks, there do exist various other methods for relieving your back pain. It could be other exercises, medicines, belts or anything. But why yoga for back pain? A perennial question that may arise in your mind. Here’ the answer to it.

This ancient traditional practice, unlike other strenuous exercises, is best not only for your physical pain, but also for the perception of pain and mental health. The use of various postures incorporated various muscles, which in turn strengthen these muscle groups giving it the bones the strength to be alive. Most of the postures strengthens our back muscles, helping the spinal cord to maintain the upright position without giving much stress. If spines relieve stress, you relieve your stress muscles which results the birth of healthy muscles, releasing you from the grabs of back pain. A healthy spine and a painless life would be the dream of almost all. So let’s dive in to 10 types of yoga for back pain, to make your life ease
  1. Extended triangle

Explore the flexibility of your body, because it has vibrant miracles hidden inside. You have to stretch your both hands wide and one leg aside. Now touch your extended feet forming a triangle posture. This does help in stretching your muscles, spine, and leg, thereby alleviating the pain in concentrated areas. Along with pain you ease out your stress and anxiety too. Isn’t it so pleasing to just think about it!

‍extended triangle pose
  1. Down ward facing dog

Sounds hazy! But works crazy. This posture can be akin to your push-up posture, not as a whole, but a mini version. Here you don’t have to lie completely down. Rather your knees under your hips and hands under your wrist. (more like a dog, as the name suggest, maybe that’s why dogs never have back pain!). now you have to press yourself back in your hands and raise your knees. Repeat it till you sweat, this makes your muscles strong.

‍downward dog pose
  1. Sit and twist

May be the stretching exercise for the bunch of lazy lads! Sit with your legs straight, raise your left leg and keep it aside the right. Your arm should exactly be behind your sitting bone. With continues inhale and exhale rotate yourself sideways, stretching bits and pieces of your muscles. Stay in this asana for about 1 minute and repeat it on the other side. This is one of the effective back pain yoga.

‍sit and twist pose
  1. Pigeon pose

This yoga for back pain, is not as sweet as it sounds. This back pain yoga posture might be a little bit hurdle for a beginner, but is worth doing. First you have to start in downward facing dog position with your feet’s together. Hold this position for 5 to 10 minutes and change the side. (keep in mind slow and steady wins the race, never rush which may lead you to harsh crashes)

‍pigeon pose
  1. Cat and cow

Just as the name suggest, you have to maintain the posture of a cat and a cow, in four legs. Move your neck and body inwards and outwards, stretching out your tensed back muscles. This back pain yoga is the combo of ease and effective.

‍cat and cow pose
  1. Locust

This yoga for back pain, has the greater chance to ward off back pain forever from our mind, but with time. Lift your torso and legs gently off the mat (upside position) in every inhale press your belly to the floor. This helps in releasing the built up tension easily.

  1. Baby cobra

This can be a continues exercise just after the locust. As this have already activated your lower back muscles, the benefit doubles. In the baby cobra style, you lift the torso with the support of your arms and shoulders. Try it softly with your back muscles (don’t break your back). Keep the shoulders away from your ears, so that you abide yourself from creating any new tension in the upper back, remember this is to relieve your back pain.

cobra pose
  1. Forward bent

This forward bent which is done by sitting down in a position, with your legs straight, is one of the common yoga posture for back pain. Bend forward from your hips and try touching your feet’s straight. You’ll find it hazardous at first but practice makes you a healthy being! This asana helps to relief neck pain as well as back pain.

forward bend pose
  1. Leg extension

This is done by lying on your stomach on the floor. While you firmly keep your pelvis, legs and feet on the floor, slowly lift your neck, chest and head upward. Extend the forearms out in front of you, to support the weight of your torso. Never forget to inhale and exhale, which suffice in boosting your circulation level.

leg extension‍ pose
  1. Legs up the wall

After all the hectic and sweating postures, this is something that you can totally enjoy and immerse in. it let go of all the efforts in the muscles and releases the tension from mind and body. Keeping your legs straight stretched up, is quiet a fun posture to relax and may be doze off too! Wow! Sleep and exercise that’s sounds great right!

‍legs up the wall pose
These are some of the best types of yoga for your back pain. Listen to the whisper of your body treat it with love, so that it never screams out in pain. Make yoga a practice because constant rest can rust your body and muscle health. Your body has had enough pain, now it’s time to heal it off.

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