When bodybuilding, one of the keys to successful training is: mental strength. It can never be overlooked in setting objectives and maintaining optimum concentration. A healthy mind in a healthy body is the key.

Discover 4 mental techniques for learning how to fight fatigue and boost your physical strength. Build more muscles thanks to your untapped energy reserves!

Has your bodybuilding performance been stalling lately? Recover a high energy level using the following 4 mental techniques.

1. Visualise in Order to Succeed

Visualisation: this technique is used by many sportsmen and women.
It involves mentally imagining the upcoming workout and visualising it in a positive light. In this way, your prediction is much more likely to come true. Yes, you will succeed!

Before each bodybuilding session, give yourself a few minutes of calm. Give yourself enough time by yourself to visualise your routine. Exercise by exercise, imagine yourself performing your session effectively and powerfully. Count your repetitions mentally, as if you were there. When you have completed your entire session, go back to your training room. Now you are focused and ready to perform better.

Visualising your success will help you to increase your mental capacity to resist: do not put it off any longer!

2. Believe in Yourself

kettlebell workout

Of oneself and one's abilities.

Some will say that self-confidence can only come from an experience of success. However, a sportsman or woman does not necessarily have to experience victory in the past in order to start out with a confident attitude.

To work on this positive self-image and that is conducive to achieving success, follow this exercise: write down five of your sporting qualities and five of your human qualities on a blank piece of paper; then ask someone around you to do the same exercise on their opinion of you. Why? It is an opportunity to take the time to think about who you are, in a good way. It's also a good way to be aware of the positive light in which others see you.

And most importantly, bear in mind that "what you believe often happens". So boost your confidence in your

3. Find Your Rhythm

Indeed, it could even be essential to your routine and improving your sports performance. Rock, hip-hop or any other music with a beat has a positive effect on sportsmen and women, whether you listen to it before or during a performance.

It affects the "perception of the effort made", i.e. it makes you delaying the moment when you decide to slow down the pace.

According to a study by sports psychologist Costas Karageorghis of Brunel University in the United Kingdom, music with a high BPM (beats per minute) can also increase the speed of athletes. There is even evidence that synchronising the BPM and melody of a song to the intensity of effort to be deployed, one can save on the consumption of oxygen (a difference of 7% according to the study) by making maximum use of it at the right time.

4. Do Not Lose the Attitude of a Beginner

In many cases, professional sportsmen and women are accused of not having the Attitude of when they started out. They claim to know everything there is to know and this is exactly what can prevent them from improving.

When starting a new activity, we are highly motivated, we listen to what other people tell us and we are on the lookout for advice to progress even more. It's important to always keep this beginner's attitude. The desire to improve is what drives you to learn new exercises and new methods.
Those who have already laid down solid foundations in their own training can then

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