Whether you're planning to be the next Olympic Swimmer or you're just dipping your toe into the water world, the first thing to consider before diving right in is to put together a  swimming kit containing the bare essentials to get you started. 

Below are the essentials that made my kit and helped me dominate my swim lessons.

  1. Swimming Costume

It is mandatory to wear a proper swimming costume as you start your swimming practice. I preferred a one-piece, sleeveless swimsuit as this was ideal to help me learn my kicks and strokes with freedom of movement and ease. For men, it is apt to wear tight fit swimming trunks to help with the leg movements. Board shorts are not recommended as they can get heavy and may drag in the water.

  1. Swimming Goggles

Swimming goggles were essential to open my eyes underwater. Opening your eyes helps you build confidence since you're able to navigate your way safely around other swimmers. Goggles are also known to prevent eye infections caused by chlorine and other human waste. Based on your size and comfort level, there are a variety of swimming goggles available to choose from.

Swimming cap and goggles

  1. Swim Cap

A swim cap is a basic requirement in every pool. A swim cap makes your training more comfortable. It eliminated the drag in the water and helps you swim faster. Swim caps do not necessarily keep your hair dry, but they do provide a protective layer against chlorine damage. You may choose from a variety of caps; mesh cap, silicone cap or silicon mesh cap.

  1. Microfiber Towel

I packed myself a microfiber towel. The benefit of this towel is that it is compact and can be easily carried around. The microfiber material makes it highly absorbent and quick dry as soon as you dab your body with it.

Microfibre towel

  1. Pullbuoy

To target my upper body and practice my stroke for front crawl, I chose to use a pull buoy. Giving me enough buoyancy for my legs, the pull buoy allowed me to better my arm strokes without having me concentrate on my kicks.


  1. Swim Fins

This was my favourite swimming equipment and was worth every buck. Fins make swimming fast and fun. They not only increased my speed in water but also gave my legs enough resistance for a full leg workout. Swim fins are best to tighten your thighs and glutes.

girl wearing swim fins

  1. Kickboard

As a beginner swimmer, the use of a kickboard helped me focus on my legs and hips and ensured proper footwork as I propelled them in water. I did not have to focus on my arms and could devote myself to concentrating on my legs. A kickboard was also helpful in my breathing exercises.

With all of the above equipment, I was ready to begin my swim sessions. Of course, you may customise your kit depending on your needs and requirements. As you progress, do try out other equipment like pull kick etc to aid your swimming lessons.
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