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So let's come to the point directly. We all want to work on different aspects of our strokes and increase efficiency but sometimes it requires a lot of effort and energy which constantly keeps us from our training sessions. The use of a pull buoy or a kickboard can be the solution for this problem. Both of these products help you train and reduces the effort. 

Wouldn't we all like to swim faster for less effort? Find out how to use them.

The use of a Pull-buoy

Upper body strengthening is greatly encouraged with a pull buoy. It also helps you to focus on your arm movements and breathing, which are quite important for swimming training.

1. Choose The Right Pull-Buoy

Pull Buoys are extensively used during swimming training sessions. It is very essential for you to have the right buoy. It should help you feel comfortable as you swim and must fit your body. An ideal pull buoy will let you do anything; backstrokes, flip turn etc.

2. Eliminate Kicking

Pull Buoys also help in eliminating kicking. Kicking can have swimmers feel fatigue and exhausted. Without kicking, you can focus to discipline your breathing which is very important in your swimming training. 

While doing a freestyle stroke with a pull buoy, you will find it very easy and comfortable. This helps you to work on your various swimming techniques that convert into disciplined swimming habits when you start buoy-less swimming training.

3. Glide Effortlessly

When you use a buoy, you will feel your body glide through the water effortlessly. You will also experience hydrodynamics with pointed toes.

Thus with a couple of training sessions with a pull buoy, you will find that your upper body is getting stronger and your strokes are getting better, accurate and powerful.


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