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Pearl Sharrell

E-Sport Leader Swimming

Swimming is a great sport for fitness and it is an enjoyable activity with friends and family. However, it is a known fact that a common cause of fatality among young people is swimming recklessly. A few simple tips and safety rules ensure that you are free from swimming injuries and other accidents that may result in death.

Here are some of the safety rules I follow on principle whenever I go swimming

1. Read The Signboards

It is important to carefully read adhere to the pool rules that are put up beside the swimming pools. These are meant to protect you. The rules ensure that you are safe and the swimming pool remains hygienic and germ-free. If you are swimming in a pool then read the water level marking and keep in mind of the dive areas. If you are swimming in open water check if the water body is fit for swimming and look around for any cautions signs, some of the most common signs are " Do not swim, Sharp Rocks"  "Do not swim, Do Not Dive" also sometimes the water that you see can be sewage water under treatment.

2. Do Not Run Around the Pool, Walk!

People walking around the pool

The tiles or area around the pool can be extremely slippery hence ensure that neither you or your kids run around the swimming pool so as to not fall into it, especially into the deeper sections.

3. Be Careful As You Get In and Out of the Pool

Girl coming out of pool

Use the handrail when you  get in and out of the water. This should make the act easier and accident proof.

4. Look Before You Dive 

Girl diving into the pool

Ensure that the water is not too shallow and there are no big rocks or sharp objects in the pool as you dive. Diving head first can cause a serious a head injury if the water is too shallow. Look for signboards if in a swimming pool and make sure that when you dive you have someone around you, just in case.

5. Identify Your Swimming Abilities: Do Not Cross That

When you swim, do not wander away further or deeper than you think you can handle. Know it where you are comfortable to float/swim. Always read the depth markings around the pool. You can dive in the deeper section if you are comfortable and if you are confident. If you are swimming in open waters, make sure you have enough energy to swim back to the shore.

6. Go With Someone, Never Swim Alone

2 Girls sitting outside the pool

Be sure to swim when there is a lifeguard around. When you are with friends, follow the buddy system where you watch out for each other. It is always best to have a buddy even if a lifeguard is around. In case of any accidents make sure you call for help before you yourself take immediate action.

7. Protect Your Skin

Wear adequate sunscreen when you go out swimming with minimum SPF 15. Chlorine and sun are a combination for sunburns. You can also use swimming Suits and other products that help you cover up your exposed skin.

8. Drink Water Regularly

Even those you are cool and in water throughout as you swim, there are chances of dehydration. Hence, carry a bottle of water and have regular sips to avoid dehydration.

9. Have the Right Safety Equipment Around

Ensure you have a life jacket and a First Aid kit around the pool in case  of any accidents or mishaps.

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