Hand Paddles for swimming are essential to your training, whatever your goal. Whether you want to improve your technique or gain power to glide, there exists a type suited to your need. But what's the right size for you? We'll explain how to choose the right paddles for yourself.
The choice of hand paddles is based on two criteria: the level of practice and intensity you want to give to your training.

1. Level of Practice 

Swimming hand paddles

Expert Swimmer: The expert level swimmer performs swimming sessions in order to improve fitness and performance. They need equipment for propulsion and muscle strengthening on priority.

Regular Swimmer: An intermediate level swimmer practices swimming for muscular development and seek to improve technique. Their needs, first and foremost, maneuverability and equipment for muscle building.

2. Hand Paddles for Swimming

Choose hand paddles for swimming

Hand Paddles are essential to a swimmer's development. They position the hands and increase the pressure in water. The more the muscular effort in the upper body, the easier the glide on water.

3. Size

Different sizes exist for hand paddles. Some with bigger surface and some with smaller.  

We don't advice you to work with the biggest plate from the beginning. You could hurt yourself because it will require your upper body to work too fast.

If you're a regular swimmer but haven't ever used paddles, start with size s or use finger pads then slowly increase the size when you feel more at ease.  

Finger Pads are also recommended for breaststroke and butterfly swimmers.

If you're an expert swimmer, we suggest a plate with a very large surface which will help with muscle building


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