Swim briefs, boxers, or a jammer? Chlorine resistant, comfortable. It can be difficult to get your bearings when it's time to buy a swimming swimsuit for a boy. Nabaiji is here to give you some top tips.


Swimming trunks are essential when your child goes swimming, irrespective of their level of swimming. At Decathlon, we offer a range of swimming trunks to choose depending on your level of practice and your need.  

ADVANCED Your son is an advanced swimmer if he is well familiar with the aquatic world and has learnt all the strokes and techniques. Yes, all four of them including the dive! INTERMEDIATE Your son is an intermediate swimmer if he is accustomed to the water world and has learnt one or two strokes. BEGINNER Your son is a beginner swimmer if he is just dipping his toes in the water world and has just joined his swimming lessons and started learning the techniques.


If your son is going to start swimming or has just started swimming, you can choose comfortable swimwear in which he will feel at ease. Opt for a model made from polyamide elastane.  Then the swimming boxers are just for your child. To keep him warmer, choose a swimming suit. SWIMMING BOXERS: Swimming boxers are a kind of swimming trunks that are made for a comfortable fit. Beginner swimmers, like your child who are just learning the front crawl, can choose to wear the swimming boxers as it is easy to put on and comfortable as you learn to swim.  


If your son is comfortable in the water and has learnt swimming, then opt for swimwear with good chlorine resistance. Choose a model without elastane. The shape of his swimwear must give him good support and hold during swimming. We suggest you the Swimming Jammers SWIMMING JAMMERS: If your child is a regular swimmer, you are looking for stability and a good fit for him. Swimming jammers ensure that it fits well around your child's thighs and do not roll up as he swims. Swimming jammers do not create a drag in the water, thus helping your child in his practice to perform.  


  If your child is an advanced swimmer and knows swimming well then, opt for swimwear with good chlorine resistance. Choose a model without elastane. The shape of his swimwear must give him good support and hold during swimming. Then the best pick for your child is the swimmer brief. It is comfortable and is the best for performance. SWIMMING BRIEFS: Swimming briefs are tight, body-hugging and V-Shaped swimsuits that exposes your son's legs and thighs. They are preferred by advanced swimmers who do all 4 strokes and are looking to practice for competition. Swimming briefs do not drag your son in the water, thus helping your son to swim smoothly.    

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