Part of taking care of your swimming goggles is knowing how to store them carefully.

To help you with this, Nabaiji is sharing its simplest and most effective techniques and tips!

Storage of Your Swimming Goggles

After using and rinsing them, make a habit of storing your swimming goggles in a place that will protect them from contact with other objects (box, pouch, case, etc.) and from impact.

It is particularly recommended to store them in a cool and dry place and to keep them away from sunlight to let them dry after use. The sun can be damaging to certain materials in the swimming goggles.

In addition to preventing any contact with objects that could damage your swimming goggles, the form of protection you choose will keep them from dirt, scratches and protect the anti-fog coating present on the goggles.

It is strongly advised not to place your swimming goggles loose in your swimming bag, or even to wrap them in a towel. The moisture creates an ideal environment for bacteria and mould to form.

So, once again, give priority to dry places. Your goggles will thank you and so will your skin!

Please note: Even when impeccably used, maintained and stored, swimming goggles wear out and lose their effectiveness. So do not blame yourself unnecessarily... And do not hesitate to replace them as needed, so that your enjoyment of swimming does not suffer!

Also check out our techniques and tricks that will enable you to use and care for your swimming goggles optimally.

If however, despite proper use, care and storage, your product has a defect, do not hesitate to bring it back with your receipt to the store of your choice. All of our products have a two-year guarantee!


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