One-piece or two-piece swimsuit, polyester or polyamide, O-shaped or U-shaped back... Faced with such a large selection, it is sometimes difficult to make a choice. We give you our tips on how to choose your women's swimming swimsuit!

A swimsuit is chosen according to two criteria: your swimming level, desired fit and comfort.

Level of Swimming

1. Beginner Level

You are a beginner swimmer if you are just dipping your toes in the water world and starting the sports. You swim to learn

A beginner swimmer is one who can swim 1-2 strokes and is looking for comfort and ease as they swim. A U-Back swimming costume is ideal for these as it is easy to put on the swimming costume from the top. At Nabaiji, we also offer semi-covered and full- covered swimming costumes in case you are looking for something more modest and prevents a tan. We also have skirts that cover the bottom if required. However, it is important to remember that a swimming costume that covers your hands and shoulders may be a hindrance as you try to improve your strokes.

intermediate swimmer

2. Intermediate Level

You are in intermediate swimmer if you have got used to the water world and know 1-2strokes. You swim to improve and maintain your body.

An intermediate swimmer is one that can swim 3-4 swim strokes and is looking for a swimming costume that ensures stability to improve your swimming. For this, an ideal swimming costume is a shorty that holds on to the thighs and does not move too much on the body, thus not disturbing your swim practice. A racerback top is good to support your busts. A swimsuit with open shoulder or sleeveless is ideal to perform your strokes.

Bignner swimmer

3. Advanced Level

You are an advanced level swimmer if you are accustomed to the water and know 3-4 strokes. You swim to perform.

An advanced swimmer is one that can swim all the 4 strokes and is either training or looking to participate in competitions. Advanced swimmers ideally look for a swimming costume that is compact and barely covers the body to ensure ease in glide,

better speed and swimming as a whole. For this, Nabaiji offers a range of V-cut swimming costume that is minimal on the legs. The cross back ensures bust support and that the swimming costume does not move as you swim. It is sleeveless so that you can perform your stroke with complete ease without any material coming in the way.

Advance swimmer

Types of Swimsuits

  • Swimsuits with a V-shaped provide freedom of movement and support. This swimsuit is good for when you're practicing your strokes.

  • Swimsuits with an X-shaped cross back are suitable for all body types. They are available in one-piece or two-piece versions. It gives you freedom of movement and good to use for competitions.

  • Swimsuits with a U-shaped scoop back have a very feminine cut and are easy to put on.

Maillot natation femme U

  • If you swim regularly, once or twice a week, choose a chlorine-resistant swimsuit. A swimsuit with an O-shaped open back is suited to your practice. This classic style will offer you greater freedom of movement.

Maillot natation femme O

  • If you swim at least three times a week, choose a swimsuit with a very open back. They are highly chlorine resistant and are suitable for intensive swimming practice.

Maillot natation femme O dégagé
  • Finally, if you swim in competitions, you can use a racing suit during events. It will provide hydrodynamics and muscle compression, so that you can achieve higher scores.

You now have all the information you need to choose your swimsuit according to your level! All that's left is for you to choose the pattern you like the best! To complete your outfit, don't forget your swim cap (compulsory in some pools), swimming goggles and accessories for your training sessions: kickboard, pull buoy, hand paddles, etc.

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