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"Regular cycle maintenance gives you a much smoother riding experience." - Sunil Mondal, cycle servicing workshop technician, Decathlon Kolkata

Sunil Mondal joined Decathlon in 2015, and grew to become a cycling workshop technician for Decathlon in Kolkata. An expert technician trained in cycle servicing, he came to Don Bosco Ashalayam as a 5 year old, and started working as a teenager. "Every year, I want to help someone grow."- Sunil

Siddarth Sharma
Jan 17, 2024
min read
"My late father used to tell me 'Don't get beat, beat up your opponent.'" - How Sanamali Boro joined Decathlon and is winning gold in Muay Thai and more for Assam

Here's a story of one of our #HERoesOfDecathlon with big dreams, Sanamali Boro. She’s has been excelling in Muay Thai and Kickboxing for Assam on a consistent basis. Here’s how she got started, got back up in the face of adversity and kept going to rise up.

Siddarth Sharma
Feb 28, 2024
min read
Top 10 Popular Sports In India - A Complete List

Let's applaud the enduring passion of Indians for sports. Now, let's explore the landscape of Indian sports and discover which ones reign as the most popular.

May 6, 2022
min read
Man Kaur: From Queen’s Caretaker to Miracle Mom

Are you drawn to a sport but hesitating to pursue it? The only obstacle between you and your favorite activity is a simple question: what's holding you back? Let me share an inspiring narrative—a tale of a woman who embraced self-belief, proving that it's never too late when you commit your mind to something. Are you ready to be moved?

Aradhana Bose
Mar 7, 2024
min read
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