I was lying down around 2 in the noon, and I fell asleep. My eyes opened up around 6 in the evening with a really heavy sound outside my window. I got up happily because I knew the sound of it as if it had started to rain. In 2-4 hours the weather called upon us and finally, we were ready to witness the first rain of the season. 

Since childhood I have always been a Monsoon kid, accompanying my mom for grocery runs or going out with my siblings to play in the evening. I have always been a trouble to my mom for wearing rain jackets and carrying other rain gear. 

Growing up and living in the western part of India, I realised how useful waterproof gear can be in the monsoon, So here’s my list of useful accessories in monsoon. 
  1. The Phone Saver .

Small things like phones, maps, cameras and batteries are important things we carry while we go out. And keeping them safe and protected from the rain is a priority for daily use. The tribord pouch for mobile phones is always my go-to product to keep my phone safe from the rain. One can also use Rain jackets which come with inbuilt waterproof pouches for phone or other necessary items. 

  1. Keeping my Kit Safe - 

With a waterproof pouch to carry around in your bag it is much easier to not worry about your favorite products getting wet. I have been using a waterproof pouch for a long time now, be it while I go out for a walk or when I practice my sports outdoors. 

In this case my Travel 20 L backpack from Forclaz works best. There are many options to select from a waterproof bag. One should always look at a lightweight and compact bag which is easy to carry and can fit in your pocket when not in use. 

  1. The Head Gear - 

This is one of my favorite accessories from the collection. Most of the time when we have to go out especially in monsoon it can be messy for our hair while we are stepping out. In this case, the Kalenji waterproof cap from decathlon works best.

A simple waterproof umbrella can also help one out on rainy days, as it’s easier to carry if you prefer walking to your office. While looking for an umbrella make sure you look for a portable light weight once which is handy.  

  1. Keeping things in one Place-

Whenever I go to the market, I make sure that the backpack I am buying has enough capacity to accommodate but also comes with a rain cover for monsoon days. And I feel it helps a lot, not to overspend on the rain cover part and get a 2in 1 deal. Always look for ease of comfort and padding while going for a normal day-to-day bag, as you will be carrying your essentials in it. 

You can also check out Backpack NH 500 by Quechua , which is easy to transport and comes with a rain cover. 

  1. Rain Cover

If you are someone who already has a bag and is only looking for a rain cover, go ahead by checking out the size of your backpack. It will usually be from 20 - 70 L , you will find options to (decathlon.in) different stores where you will get according to your bag size. They come handy and can be easily folded into your pocket when there's no rain. 

With my busy schedule of traveling outside for travel, treks and sometimes office work, I have figured out some basic accessories which we might need daily. I hope it helps you out as it has helped me throughout.Until then see you, don’t get distracted by the rain noises outside your window like me. Yes, in India we may hear soon from the monsoon. Be ready to splash the rain safely.  

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