One of the most popular forms of amusement today is go karting in Bangalore. The karts have no resemblance to either sports or regular automobiles. In the other cars, the wheels are located underground. However, in the karts, the complete size and shape of the wheel are exposed. The go-kart doesn't entirely enclose the rider's entire body. It's thrilling to experience the wind rushing through one's hair as one travels quickly through the rails. People have recently searched a lot about going karting near me in Bengaluru. We have curated this list of places for the best go karting in Bangalore for such enthusiasts. So, keep reading!!

Explore The 10 Places For Best Go Karting In Bangalore

1. Grips Go Karting & Bowling

There are multiple fantastic tracks at The Grips Go karting & Bowling with fantastic turns and corners. Over 40 karts have been created to the highest possible standards. The several refreshment corners give the racers some energy. There is a dedicated bowling alley on the property as well. There are numerous floodlights to illuminate the track at night. This place for go karting in Bangalore is open Monday through Friday from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm. The go karting track is open on the weekends from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm.

Pricing: Rs.256 for six laps
Location: Survey No. 68, Mysore Rd, Anchepalya, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560074.

2. Red Riders Gokarting

Red Riders Go Karting is the best option if you want to compete in a race on one of Bangalore's biggest circuits. Start with go-karting if you're going to succeed in racing and rise to higher rankings. These open, compact, four-wheeled vehicles have powerful engines and go quickly over the tracks. They use circuits that are scaled back. These tracks are suitable for various vehicles, including go-karts and gearbox shifters.

Pricing: Rs. 350 for five laps, Rs.650 for 12 laps and Rs. 950 for 18 laps
Location: Husker Dommasandra Rd, Kodachi, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560099.

3. Meco Kartopia

Meco Kartopia is the greatest option if you're seeking to go karting in Bangalore. The complete go-karting stadium, situated on 10 acres of ground, was built by two motorsport fans. International standards were followed in the construction of the whole track system. The pro racers have 1.2 km of the track to themselves. The width of the tracks is roughly 9 metres. Additionally, there are specific tracks for recreational use. Additionally, a whole track may be rented here. The tariffs are set in accordance with timing and distance. Kid karts, Level 1 Adult Karts, Level 2 Adult Karts, Twin Karts, and Rotax Karts are just a few of the several varieties of karts available.

Pricing: Rs. 440 for 10 minutes, Rs. 1100 for 10 minutes (depending upon the track)
Location: 49, 51, 53/1-2-3, Hennur Bagalur Rd, Mitganahalli, Chaggalagatti Village, Bengaluru, Karnataka 56214

4. Raceway Motorsports

The greatest option for go karting in Bangalore is Raceway Go Kart, owned by Raceway Motorsports. It was decided to facilitate the excitement of motorsports on the city's outskirts. Children should listen to these songs the most. Kids can learn about racing in this wonderful setting. Despite there being very few tracks, they are all carefully maintained. The engines are in excellent condition.

Pricing: Rs.250 for ten laps
Location: 24 Kanakapura Main Road | Near Kaggalipura, Bengaluru 560082, India

5. Fun Stop Go Karting

The Fun Stop go-karting track is the place to be if you're seeking tracks that will inspire the new riders in town. The tracks are extensive and equipped with various safety features, and they are located in a tiny village outside the city limits. Family-friendly activities are available at the location to keep everyone entertained. The cyclists, especially the younger group, are watched by devoted trainers and security personnel. To keep the riders safe, a tonne of safety equipment is available.

Pricing: INR 263 for four laps
Location: Hesargatta, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560088

6. Torq03

Without a doubt, Torq03 is among Bangalore's top go-kart tracks. Numerous marshals and instructors in the area will lead you on your entire tour of the area. The location's website lists the safety guidelines that must be observed. One of the various adventure activities available at Torq03 is go-karting. Alcohol-impaired individuals, pregnant women, and ladies wearing sarees or burqas are prohibited from entering the go-karts. The go-karts can also be rented for business occasions. Torq03 offers several distinct varieties of karts.

Pricing: Starts from INR 500.
Location: E-Zone Club, No, 23/24, Outer Ring Rd, Chinnapannahalli, Marathahalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560037.

7. Aruani Grid

Two motorsports fans manage and keep up the Aruani Grid. A significant training programme is also for the area's young, aspiring race aficionados. The facility is professionally maintained, so the service and the tracks are in excellent condition. The vehicle's infrastructure and all of its high-range engines are top-notch. Due to this, go karting in Bangalore is extremely expensive there. But the price was well worth it.

Pricing: INR 600 per 6 laps
Location: Dommasandra, Bengaluru, Karnataka 562125

8. Patels Inn

Patels Inn is the ideal location if you're seeking the best go karting in Bangalore experience at the lowest costs. Nearly all corporate businesses in and around Bengaluru consistently reserve a spot for their staff. The main factor making this location popular is the abundance of one-seater go-karts. Additionally, although charging far too little compared to other Bengaluru go-karting operations, the tracks are kept in good condition.

Pricing: INR 140 per 6 laps
Location: 2nd Block, No.1, 15th Cross Rd, Govindaraj Garden, RT Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560032

9. Wonderla Bangalore

One of India's top amusement parks is Wonderla. The park offers a variety of rides for visitors of all ages. The Wonderla Bangalore go karting tracks are renowned for their effectiveness. Without a Wonderla Bangalore admission ticket, one cannot access the go karting track inside Wonderla. This is one of the explanations for the excellent maintenance of the tracks.

Pricing: It depends on the price of the entry ticket
Location: Mysore Road, Jadenahalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 562109

10. Café Kart

The destination of Mangalore would be on your itinerary if you were making a trip to Bengaluru. The first go-kart track in Bengaluru was called Café Kart. This offers a unique experience due to its proximity to the Nethravathi River.

Pricing: Starts from INR 250 for six laps
Location: NH48, Kannur, Karnataka 575007

4 Things To Keep In Mind When You Search For Go Karting Near Me In Bangalore

These are some recommendations for driving a kart in Bengaluru.

Sit properly:

To successfully accelerate and move the kart forward, one must sit correctly in the vehicle. Additionally, one must sit upright.

Don’t use brakes while turning:

Brakes shouldn't be applied when turning. The wheels will spin more, so the engine shuts down.

Keep your path straight:

Moving in a straight line will help you control your kart better. You'll lose control of the kart if you try to turn around and pass another competitor.

Choose the right kart:

If you can't handle riding alone, pick a kart that can accommodate two riders at once. Choose the area where there are several lifeguards if you require assistance.


Thus, these places for go karting in Bangalore are intended to raise awareness of motorsports in India. These are also great locations for weekend fun. One of the most thrilling activities you can participate in is go karting, which doesn't even call for any special abilities. Therefore, if you're thinking about taking a trip to Bangalore, take advantage of the opportunity to partake in this captivating pastime.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I select Bengaluru's top go-kart tracks?

The standard of service should be considered when selecting a go-kart ride. The number of years the clients have been served should also be noted.

In Bengaluru, are go-kart rides available for children?

Yes, Bengaluru offers go-kart rides for children. There are go-karts explicitly made for kids.

Does Bengaluru provide a variety of go-kart rides?

In Bengaluru, there are numerous varieties of go-kart rides. The two key factors that determine how the go-karts differ are size and number of passengers.

Are Bengaluru's go-kart tracks secure?

Yes, Bengaluru's go-kart circuits are highly secure. The company cannot serve unless the tracks are given the proper accreditation.

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