Nowadays, more and more people love doing sports in Hong Kong, running, jogging, hiking, playing in team sports such as basketball & football, while the incidence of knee injuries is also increasing. Most people use knee brace and those support products play a big role in preventing knee injuries and protecting injured knees. Do you know how to choose a suitable knee brace?

How To Select Right Knee Brace?

Knee brace mainly limit knee activity to achieve protection of the joints. On the other hand, knee brace can affect the curvature of our limbs, weaken our ability to exercise, and may cause discomfort. Therefore, people with healthy knees and no injury record do not need to wear knee brace.

In 2 circumstances support gear is required. Firstly,  for wearers with injured knees, knee brace can reduce discomfort of the injured part, and prevent further injuries caused by excessive force. Secondly, for wearers with no injury knee brace can be used in time to prevent knee damage, as they foresee vigorous activities to be taken place soon.

The knee brace should be removed immediately after exercise, because the quadriceps, tendons and ligaments around the knee are responsible for maintaining knee stability during knee joint activity. Knee braces will replace some of the functions of tendons and ligaments. The long-term movement of the quadriceps, tendons and ligaments will gradually deteriorate due to lack of external stimulation,  resulting in a reliance on the knee brace for stability. In other words, once the brace is removed, usersmay feel the knee instability. So the knee brace are only used during exercises, and removed afterwards to avoid deterioration of the tissue around the knee.

1. Soft 100/Soft 300 Knee Brace

soft knee brace

This kind of knee brace can completely cover the knee joint and provide a certain fixation and support for the entire knee joint. It can also control the slight swelling of the knee and keep warm. Suitable for people with mild knee problems and difficulty in distinguishing the position of knee pain

Soft 100/Soft 300 Knee Brace

2. Knee Soft 500/Knee Mid 500 Knee Brace

Knee brace

For those who have ligament damage and need to participate in sports, you can choose ligament support knee brace. The tightness of the knee brace can limit the extent of knee movement, and with the side support metal strips, it can effectively relieve the ligament pressure and prevent further damage. Suitable for: For meniscus injuries, these knee braces protect the meniscus by sharing the pressure.  

Knee Mid 500 Knee Brace

3. Knee Strip

KNee strip

The humerus band is annular and fixed on the iliac crest below the humerus. The band-type knee brace gives a restraining force, which can reduce the excessive involvement of the ankle during exercises, thereby reducing the pain and allowing the rest to be moderately rested. Neverthless, such a brace has no protective effect on other parts of the knee joint. For those with ligament and meniscus injuries, this knee brace is not suitable. Suitable for: It is suitable for people with phlegm and pain under the knee, and also for those who often jog, jump, hike and engage in ball games.

Supportive Knee Strip

4. How To Choose A Suitable Knee Brace

Appropriate size: some people think that looser knee pads are less likely to interfere with the activity, while tight ones seem difficult to take off. Overly tight one will hinder blood circulation and cause discomfort; those too loose provide insufficient support.

5. Protect Your Knees

If you don't have a knee injury, knee brace is not necessary. Let the tendons,ligaments and muscles adapt and strengthen themselves. In daily practice, instead of using knee brace to protect your knees, it is better to work on strengthening your own tendons and ligaments.

Avoid using overly protective braces, it may  weaken your own muscle strength: for minor injuries, basic knee brace models such as soft 100 & soft 300 are supportive enough for the knee.

*Product descriptions introduce the composition and efficacy, which suggest no curative effect. The actual effects can be determined by personal habits and the skin quality, etc.

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