There are still plenty of sports that you can practise. Let’s take a quick look.

1. Swimming

people swimming

Swimming is a sport in which the body does not touch the ground, so the body is spared any sharp impacts. It is ideal for anyone with a bad knee. You should opt for the crawl rather than the breaststroke, because the latter tends to solicit painful knees more than is necessary.

And remember that swimming is good for the back too.


2. Cycling

man cycling in the mountains

Like swimming, cycling does not involve any impacts on the knees. Cycling will build up your thigh muscles, which is very helpful for the rehabilitation of the knees.

A great way to reconcile exercise and pleasure!

3. Nordic Walking

girl on a Nordic walk

In Nordic walking, you use sticks to exercise your arms and to take some of the weight off the lower limbs.

Walking is recommended in particular to tone up the thigh muscles, which help to relieve the knees.

Whenever possible, walk on soft surfaces, such as grass.

4. The Pilates Method

girl doing Pilates

Since most Pilates exercises are performed on the floor, your knees do not have to work very hard and do not carry any weight. These movements are a great way of strengthening the deep muscles, which helps to prevent injury.

You will be surprised by the results.

5. Stretching

girls practicing stretching

People suffering from a bad knee cannot stretch too much or too often. You will relax the joint by significantly reducing the pressure that bears on it. Focus on your quadriceps by tucking your heel behind your buttocks.

Feels good, doesn’t it?

Depending on the type of problem you have with knee, you might have to resume your favorite sporting activity in a gradual manner.

If the Pain persists, be careful and seek medical advice from a physio or a Stomatologist


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