stutee nandola

Dr. Stutee Nandola Shah 

Sports Physiotherapist

33-year-old Stutee Nandola did her bachelor's from Rajiv Gandhi University and is recognized internationally for her knowledge in exercise physiology and sports medicine. She has done her MS in Kinesiology from Midwestern State, Texas, USA. She's always been a sports enthusiast from childhood and was an intercollegiate champion in Badminton


What made you want to get is sports physiotherapy? What is your field of expertise?

As I begun my studies to become a Physiotherapist, I realized that there isn't much awareness and facilities for athletes on pre and post-injury management. This lack of guidance to improve sport specific performance after injury and my passion for helping sports enthusiasts made me decide on this career.

Do you play sports yourself? Tell us a little more about your experiences 

Yes, whenever I have some time, I like playing Badminton, indoor table tennis and carrom with my friends. 

What is the best thing about your job?

I have a passion for helping sports enthusiast to increase their performance and Excel in their respective sports.

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Why do you think an injury is such a big challenge among sportsmen today? What are they doing wrong?

I always recommend proper warm up, rest and cool down before, after and during practice plus the consumption of an adequate quantity of water. These are some measures that should be taken to avoid injuries to the maximum.  

Do you think diet plays a role to prevent or reduce injuries? Do you follow a diet yourself? If yes, tell us about it

I am an eggetarian and I maintain a normal balanced diet.

Breakfast includes milk with one toasted.

How is a typical day in your life like?

My typical day usually comprises of workshops, working with different athletes or in the clinic with patients. I usually try to squeeze in some time for a few exercises that I do on my own to fit. 

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What do you do to raise health awareness in our community?

Workshops, seminars, conference, ergonomics health camps, corporate talks etc to raise awareness on injury and recovery in our community. Corporate level talks especially to address a large chunk of people among the working class for awareness on different health topics like posture and spine. I've also worked with IIT students where I worked with swimmers and other athletes to increase sports specific performances. I also help people and cricketers at Goregaon sports complex to train the sport enthusiasts. 

Tell us a little bit about the different workshops you conduct. Do you have any funny or interesting memory from any of your workshops? 

Yes, I've conducted a workshop at Larfarge Company, Mumbai and people came up with many doubts. To my surprise, everyone had spine problems which I was able to later resolve with rehab.

recovery exercise

What are some of your never-fail go-to exercises to relieve injury? 

  • Stretches
  • Ball Squats
  • Prone planks
  • Side Planks

Do you have some advice for our enthusiastic athletes who get very demotivated if they encounter an injury?

An injury is just a part and parcel of the game. Being away from practice decreases one's performance but nevertheless one can bounce back as health is wealth and should be given a lot of priority.


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