1.  Physical preparation to avoid injury  

In sports, there is no secret: beyond pure talent, it is often the best prepared or most trained athlete who has the best results! And to do this, you can only rely on your motivation.

Beyond the training specific to your sport, there is a "common core" to all the practitioners: bodybuilding. By having a program that is in line with your activity, you can benefit from a stronger and more efficient body, and therefore less subject to possible injuries.

  1.  Warm-up - essential for injury prevention   

To prepare the body for the effort, it is necessary, even indispensable, to take the time to warm up. By about fifteen minutes, you will adapt your heart rate to the practice that will follow, unlock the joints and heat your muscles to the right temperature.

 Many injuries occur early in the session, precisely because the body is not ready to undergo what you ask. Take your precautions, and therefore the time to gradually return to your business.


  1. Nutrition and hydration: two keys to injury prevention  

What you eat and drink definitely has an impact on your sport. It is illusory to believe that you can maintain the same performance by submitting your body to a beer/deli diet on a daily basis!

Thus, it is important to eat the right things before playing sports: slow sugars to refuel before your session, fast sugars during the activity. It is also necessary to drink (water, sorry) regularly and sips before, during and after your activity. The body is a true watchmaking with which one must take the greatest care!

  1. Have the right equipment 

Your grandfather's wooden tennis racket may look great, but do not you think it's partly responsible for the tennis elbow you've been playing for many years? Your running shoes, after 1500 km of good and loyal services is perhaps good to be put in the trash.

Having good equipment is of paramount importance to not hurt yourself stupidly. Over time, it wears out logically and does not have the same performance: change from time to time!

  1.  Sleep well    

Eh yes! Sleep has a very important impact on your athletic performance and any injuries you may suffer. It's not just sleeping a few hours a night that you'll be able to get fit into your workout. Even worse: you could be less vigilant, and therefore hurt yourself!

 As a rule, a good night is a minimum of 7 hours of sleep.


Aches, tears, cramps, elongations, breakdowns or, more importantly, break: whatever the chosen activity, the athlete is regularly confronted with various injuries as a result of his practice. Hard to escape!
 Yet, it is entirely possible to minimize the risks by taking care of one's body. Prevention, that is the only way to go about it! We'll tell you how to avoid hurting yourself.

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