Thanks to the era of the internet, I am now able to find out the vast unexplored world of skating. If you know how to skate, this might interest you and if you don't skate, I hope all these fantastic styles will be the reason to inspire you to start rolling. 

Fitness Roller Skating

fitness roller skating

As it is not a competitive sport, it hasn't been very popular with the masses. People are unaware of the health benefits and other pros of Fitness Roller Skating. You'll find articles online where fitness skating is even compared to running and jogging. To be honest, the other two sports come naturally to us as opposed to skating which might require a little more time to learn how to balance, sniping wheels in control, etc but as soon as you get the balance, the sport is super fun to practice. 

Your muscles start strengthening, there are low impacts on your knees and let's not forget how big of a stress buster and a fun exercise ride it is. 

Jam Skating 

jam skating

Ever heard of "Roller Disco?" Yeah, Jam Skating is pretty close to that. It has the influence of hip-hop culture including plenty of dance moves. For all other forms of roller skating, balance is key. Just add an element of artistic movements, gymnastics or any other dance moves. Largely, practice on quad skates if you can but it isn't mandatory. This sport doesn't restrict your creativity. Turn the Music on and Roll on! Go with the flow indoor-outdoor, solo or with your squad, a dance roller battle.

It's super fun and highly recommended to try if you haven't yet. 

Vert  Skating (Vertical skating)

vertical skating

Vertical Skating typically categorizes under extreme sports. In this form of skating, you ride higher on vertical ramps while doing tricks like spins and flips. 

This form is not popular nor practiced in India mainly due to the lack of infrastructure like Skateparks, Vert Ramps, etc. I always see our country as a powerhouse of talent. The culture of Skateboarding is slowly picking up in its own pace with a few skateparks coming up in different places. I hope we're able to see more talents coming up and practicing the sport. 

Downhill Skating

Downhill skating

Downhill skating is for thrill seekers, people who enjoy the experience of high speed. Skating downhill can easily exceed 40-50km/hr so it should never be treated lightly. 

There have been records of skaters who have crossed 120km/hr speed. It sounds unbelievable, isn't it? To attempt downhill, you should first be an experienced skater by mastering basic skills like turns, breaking and balance. Breaking becomes very important here as a skater needs to know how to control high speed or there's a high chance to hit the ground. Experts suggest that practicing alternative speed control methods such as T-stop, T-breaking, Toe-Drag, Powerslide, and others can help. Safety and protective gear are the most important and highly recommended. Speeding can be easy but controlling and sustaining it is the game. 

Aggressive Inline Skating

Explore skating styles

Aggressive Inline Skating is making a place for itself in performance of tricks and action sport canons. Skaters mainly execute grinds and jumps in street obstacles or at skateparks. Numerous amount of movies, music videos, and commercials have played a role to encourage and provoke the youth to not only test but also push their skill sets and bring something new to the sport. In street skating, also known as Freestyle Skating, the skater performs tricks by utilizing features existing in a common everyday environment. Creativity is often seen as an important aspect of street skating since skaters are able to link tricks and specific to a unique environment rather than performing more standard maneuvers on predefined obstacles. 

This is not an exhaustive list, there are many more activities associated with roller skating. For example, roller basketball, roller soccer, roller hockey, roller derby are a few among roller team sports

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