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Do you remember the first time your parents bought you your first set of wheels? Not a two-wheeler, nor a car, but shoes with wheels attached to the sole – to put it mildly! It blew our minds away as a child to be able to wear roller skates. What came along with the curiosity was many tries to keep from falling to balance our feet on these skates. There used to be times where our parents would be standing on two ends pushing us from one and catching us from the other, and that was more than enough at the time, for at least we were not falling plus, there was the added benefit of feeling like we were flying! But it was all worth it in the end when we would finally let goof our parents' hands and take the first step without tripping or losing our balance. The first time we skated around the house, or the tiled roads in the garden, is a memory worth cherishing for life.

Well, giving the same feeling to your child can be an equally fun experience. Only this time, the roles will reverse, or, you could skate with them! Roller skating is known to be a great cardiovascular workout and also a great stress buster too! While you buy your child their newest or first pair of roller skates, here are a few benefits you might want to know:

Encouraging Brain development

Studies have time and again shown that regular exercise is a great way to boost cognitive function. But for your pre-teen, teenager, it sure would seem boring for them to follow workouts and training. Roller skating is one of the best physical activities to get your child to exercise and have fun at the same time! Roller skating requires a lot of focus and decision-making concerning speed and agility. This enables your child to improve their cognitive skills, concentration, and productivity. And the best part? They will not find it to be even remotely strenuous. Roller skating is an activity that does not require a lot of time to learn. When your teenager starts to excel at roller skating, they will not only have a great time but, it will also boost their confidence.

Teenage can be a hard stage with all the mood swings and hormonal changes that take place within your teenager's physical and mental being. Skating can be a great way to lighten their moods as it helps regulate their mood. Have you seen anybody frown while roller skating? Of course not! It reduces hormones that cause frustration and mood swings and increases endorphins that are commonly known as the "happy hormone", in your teen. As it is an outdoor sport, roller skating allows your child to take in the sun, interact with their friends, and most importantly, relieve all the pent-up energy they garner throughout the day! Thanks to the extended work out it provides, your teen feels naturally good throughout the way. Roller skating can be a happy outdoor physical activity, not just for your child, but also for the entire family!

Building Physical Endurance:

Roller Skating is a great aerobic activity that gets your child's heart rate pumping. Skating helps your child build their endurance at a young age. It helps in strengthening muscle endurance. If your child learns to skate skillfully, uphill climbs train their muscles along with their cardiovascular system to utilize their energy more efficiently. It benefits them all through their adolescence and adult years if they wish to take up a sport as a career. Skating benefits the whole body – it works on the legs and glutes, helps flex and tone several areas that include abs, thighs, and also calves. It helps stabilize the Achilles tendon. It supports the ankle as it works harder while roller skating. Not to mention, the arms too contribute to maintaining speed and balance. Roller skating also helps in improving balance as it involves strengthening abdominal and lower back muscles as it requires a steady core to stay upright. It further allows better coordination and prevents injuries while at the same time, it keeps your child active without feeling utterly exhausted.  Every time they practice roller skating, there will be an increase in muscle definition.

Creating healthy habits:

Research suggests that a child requires at least 1 hour of playtime daily. The physical and mental benefits of roller skating come together to provide your child with regular exercise. It encourages your child to improve their performance, keeps them out in the sun, and helps boost their morale once they get the hang of it! With proper encouragement, it also teaches your child a new skill that involves not just physical movement but also discipline and focus that can also positively impact their curricular ornon-curricular activities in school. Roller skating is also a social sport, a brand new Oxelo Fit 5 Jr Kids Inline Fitness Skates will surely be a conversation starter for your child to make new friends! When your kid is at the skating rink, it is common for them to meet people to skate with. They can bond with people who share the same interests over an activity they love to do– roller skating! This will help them sharpen their social skills and make friends more easily.

Even if your goal is for your child to learn a new skill or have a lot of fun, the biggest perk of it all is to create great memories with your child as they grow older.

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