Sport, leisure, pleasure: on a roll from head to toe. A rundown on the stress-relieving benefits of skating.

Health comes first

Skating = expending energy. It's a simple equation but terribly effective if you want to build up your fitness and stay healthy. Skating uses your legs, from your thighs to your ankles, as well as training your endurance, breathing and cardio. It relaxes tense muscles that are stiff from days spent sitting in the office, at home or in the car. And, what's more, it's gentle on your joints while helping you achieve your goals.

2. Freedom

Roller skating is synonymous with a sense of freedom. It's a world where you can smoothly glide along with apparent ease towards distant horizons. That's the poetic side. When it comes to more practical things, skating means avoiding all those little bugbears that come with other means of transport such as walking and driving.

No more dogs running up to you, no more bus to catch and no more bottlenecks to slow you down. With skating, the worry and stress of your commute will be blown away.

3. The open air in the middle of the town

Unless you've got a ramp set up down your stairs or a bowl in your kitchen, skating is something you do outdoors, often in the city. It's a chance to get a breath of fresh air each time you head outside while enjoying the urban landscape, from the calm water at the quayside to the trees lining the pavements, the cooing of pigeons and even just the falling rays of sunlight.

In other words, all the charms of a pleasant stroll but with less effort. Until you reach the next set of stairs, that is.


4. Group rides

Both novices and experienced skaters get puzzled or disapproving looks from passers-by that can often make them feel uncomfortable. Thankfully though, skating is a sport with a strong community. Whatever kind of skating you do, you're sure to find a group of enthusiasts to keep you company and have a chat with on your rights. You'll feel stronger, more confident, and not half as self-conscious about the outfit you're wearing. No more worrying about looking eccentric in public! Plus it gets you out and about at the weekend.


5. A balanced budget

All the things we mentioned above mean that skating is also easy on your wallet. As well as saving money on fuel, transport tickets and gym memberships, you won't be such a drain on social security services, won't be damaging the ozone layer and won't be forking out for club entry fees.

And with your budget being a bit less tight, that's another reason to relax!

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