1. Skating to Build Muscle

The movement of skating will build up muscles and reduce the amount of fat on both your upper and lower body.

Skates are easy to use, don't require huge amounts of effort to have an effect, and let you enjoy yourself with friends and family at the same time.

  1. Skating to Tone Up
skating to tone up

 The skating motion works your gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus muscles. Ladies, if you're trying to get rid of saddlebags, skating is ideal. Since it combines different movements and works both your thighs and calves, it helps build and stretch all of these muscles. If you do one or two hours of skating per week, you'll soon start to notice the effect on your calves, thighs and bum.

Gentlemen, skating also calls on your abs and lower back, resulting in a flatter stomach - perfect after a few too many fry ups!

  1. Skating for a Healthy Lifestyle

Skating can be done anywhere, at any time. Whether it's for getting around or for doing sport, skating helps you stay fit and tones your body. This is why, besides doing sport, you'll want to adopt a healthy lifestyle: eating a balanced diet, stopping smoking, improving your hydration, etc. On top of taking care of yourself and getting into a good habit with your eating, skating will be one of your best New Year's resolutions.

What's more, because you do it outdoors, it can improve your mental health by relieving stress. You'll be more relaxed, less stressed, and you'll feel lighter and more in tune with your body.

To Conclude

Whether you skate alone, with friends, with family or with a club, it's a great sport for having fun and turning fat into muscle with few restrictions.


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