Basic Protections

With their skates laced up or scooter in hand, your child is ready to discover the world on wheels. While you can never prevent every accident, there are a few basic protections that can help keep them safe.

Start with a complete set that includes:

  • A helmet for cycling or street use. The helmet should be adjusted to fit their head perfectly, snug but not overly tight under the chin. We can't say it enough: give them room to breathe!
  • Wrist guards. Your child's first reflex during a fall is to put out their hands. Until they perfectly master their balance on wheels, make sure their wrists are protected.
  • Knee pads. Pebbles are a guaranteed obstacle: knees should be covered.
  • Elbow pads. OK, we know, your little one now looks ready for combat. But it's better to be well protected when taking on the mean streets on wheels than end up hurt.

In addition to these essential accessories, you might also consider: Durable clothing like jeans to protect skin from slips and falls and keep from breaking your clothing budget. For scootering, high-top shoes that can be tightened around the ankles for extra support Sunscreen and water for outdoor adventures.

Sun Protection

Your child's new-found passion will lead them to mix and mingle with new people and to discover new areas. This is an important step in developing not just their scootering skills but their personality as well. The more they play with others, the more self-confident they'll become.

Find clubs or camps where they can learn and meet other skating or scootering enthusiasts. There is a wide variety of activities, courses and levels so your child can find the perfect fit. Most of all, qualified monitors and structured programmes will keep them safe as they learn new skills.

It's kind of like school, but better.

Sun Protection

Parental Protection

Never forget that you are the first source of support for your little champ. They are counting on your encouragement for their newest passion. You don't need to built a ramp or course in your living room (although you could...), but simply be there to cheer them on.

Tag along on outings and scout new spots for riding or skating. And there's an even better way to keep your child motivated: lace up your own skates or hop on your own scooter...



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